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BLINDSPOT “Hero Fears Imminent Rot” Review: Jane’s Loyalty is Tested

By on September 29, 2016

Pictured: (l-r) Luke Mitchell as Roman, Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

By Pauline Perenack

Last week, along with Weller, Blindspotters were blindsided by Allie’s admission of her pregnancy. What will this mean for Weller? And more importantly, what will this mean for all of the Jeller fans out there? Meanwhile, with the mystery of Orion and Jane’s past out of the way, we can now move forward with the further mystery of Sandstorm, and if they’re good or bad. Additionally, the side plot of the mole within the FBI was once again brought up, meaning this could potentially result in a big reveal come mid-season.

If you’re playing the title anagrams, tonight’s episode, “Hero Fears Imminent Rot” seems to decode to “For Their Moment is Near.” Was that moment in tonight’s episode? Let’s recap what happened to find out.

Access to Sandstorm Denied

Tonight’s episode begins with a taxi exploding, setting the mood for a tattoo case of the week. However, before we can learn more about the case, the episode quickly shifts to Jane waking up after being kidnapped by Roman at the end of last week’s episode. She tries to escape the room she’s in, but her only way out is to follow a guy who tells her that Shepherd and Roman want to see her. On her way to them, Jane walks by what looks to be a make-shift command center.

Shepherd tells Jane that her story of being tortured by Cade doesn’t add up since new intelligence puts Cade in Venezuela during the time he was supposedly with Jane. Thinking quickly, Jane distracts Shepherd in regards to how the information came about, but doesn’t fully talk her way out of being suspect. Instead, Shepherd tells Jane she needs to prove her loyalty to Sandstorm, which can be gained by killing an old asset, Jeffrey Kantor, who can no longer be trusted. Turns out, Kantor was recruited by Jane to clone a microchip that was needed to complete Phase 2 of their plan. However, when Jane left, Kantor got cold feet, because as Roman points out, Jane can get people to do what she wants, which is why they sent her to Weller.

Meanwhile, Weller is concerned about the absence of Jane, but Nas points out she’s on her own, and the team is briefed about the taxi bomb. Patterson zeros in on a tattoo of Jane which includes an oak branch, an olive branch, and a torch – all of which appear on the US dime – surrounded by the outline of the island of Vieques, where secret Navy tests were, and still are, being conducted. As another bomb goes off near a military location, the team assumes the bombers are protesting what’s going on in Vieques, and Patterson thinks she can determine where the next attack will be by hacking the bombers’ Twitter accounts.

Jane is dealing with her own problems as Roman drives her to Kantor’s house, and tells her that when they were kids, they were given rabbits at the orphanage to care for. One night, they were told to kill their rabbits, and Jane didn’t hesitate – because she’s a killer. Once at the house, Jane has to talk Kantor out of his panic room after he locks himself inside, but as soon as he emerges, Roman immediately knocks him out, and drags him out to the woods. Roman gives Jane a gun for the execution, but no longer the killer she once was, Jane stalls by pointing out to Roman that the smarter play is to keep Kantor alive because they still need the microchip. Roman agrees, but kills Kantor anyways, and tells Jane she just failed the test before driving her back into the city.

Jane returns to headquarters to find a very relieved Weller, but wants to let him and Nas know she failed her loyalty test. Nas tells Weller that Jane is a killer, which is why they’re keeping her around, and both Weller and Jane aren’t too happy to hear that. Patterson interrupts to let them know the next bomb is set to go off in Prospect Park in 20 minutes, so the team heads out. On site, Reade finds the bomb, and along with Zapata, shoots the bomb to disarm it. One of the bombers is able to get away however, because Jane thinks she can handle the situation on her own, and ignores Weller in the process.

After returning to headquarters with only one bomber, Weller is not pleased, but Patterson is able to find the second bomber, who has made his way to Queens. The team heads out, but not before Weller forces Jane to stay back. Frustrated and worried about all the talk of her being a killer, she talks to Dr. Borden, who tells her to follow her moral compass.

On scene, Weller decides to handle the hostage situation his own way, and goes in unarmed. The bomber forces him to put on a bomb vest, but Weller is able to start talking the bomber down. Just as everything seems to be under control, the bomber is shot, by none other than Nas. She and Weller argue, and can’t seem to agree on how things should be done.

With the case solved, and everyone back at headquarters, Nas is once again listening to Jane’s session with Dr. Borden. Patterson interrupts and shows her research on Jeffrey Kantor, and explains her assumption that Sandstorm has someone else who can clone the microchip. Weller and Jane meanwhile, take a step closer to the friendship they once shared, but are interrupted by Jane’s page from Roman.

Jane goes to the meeting spot, fully believing she’s walking into her own execution, but after a ride in the trunk of a car, she comes face to face with Shepherd who thanks her for taking care of Jeffrey. Once they’re alone, Jane thanks Roman for covering. He tells her he understands she’s been through a lot, but warns her that if she doesn’t start remembering who she once was, he’s going to hurt someone close to her to force her to remember.

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