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BLINDSPOT Recap “Case: Sun, Moon, and the Truth”

By on December 3, 2018

BLINDSPOT — “Case: Sun, Moon, and the Truth” Episode 407 — Pictured: Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller — (Photo by: NBC/Warner Brothers)






Weller Discovers Remi

After a week of Thanksgiving dinner goodness, we’re back with an all new Blindspot. When we last saw our crew, Reade was put on leave for his data breach to Zapata, but then Weitz surprisingly stepped in and asked for Reade to work undercover to locate her. Jane was practicing for breaking Shepherd out of the black site, and Weller learned that Jane was up to something really sketchy, and ultimately pulled a gun on her.

Map to a Cure

Tonight’s episode, “Case: Sun, Moon, and the Truth” starts up right where we last left Jeller, with Weller pointing a gun at Jane. She does her best to lie herself out of the situation, but Weller isn’t having it. They’re interrupted however by a knock at the door and Weller tells Jane to open it as he continues to train the gun at her. Outside the door is a young woman who says she’s the sister of the woman down the hall, and both Jane and Weller recognize the name, so let her in when she says she’s locked herself out and needs to call her sister to get back in.

As the girl is leaving, a bunch of men storm the apartment but Jane and Weller are able to take them down. However, the young woman is in on the whole thing, and comes back in with guns trained on Weller and Jane. With Jeller trapped, a woman named Eve walks in, and says that she wants her money. Turns out, she’s the owner of the underground bank that the FBI raided a few weeks ago, and wants the money back that Jane stole. This revelation has Weller telling Jane he’s been doing some reading on Zip poisoning, and that in some cases, people revert back to previous versions of themselves, and he believes this is what has happened to Jane, even telling her that he knows she’s now Remi.

BLINDSPOT — “Case: Sun, Moon, and the Truth” Episode 407 — Pictured: (l-r) Ashley Johnson as Patterson, Ennis Esmer as Rich Dotcom — (Photo by: NBC/Warner Brothers)

Meanwhile, Rich and Patterson are working on a clue leading to another of Roman’s data caches, which Patterson zeroed in on after watching a movie Rich put together about the Book of Secrets. The clue leads to an old software company named Logo, and by using the clues left in the Tokyo cache, Patterson uses the software to have a picture drawn which she believes is the Star of Life. Once they add in one more clue, they believe that Roman wants them to search the FBI offices using the symbol to find the next data cache, starting with the large logo on the floor in the lobby. Once the two of them work their way through each location on the symbol map, they arrive to an empty spot of floor, and they’re stymied. Eventually, Patterson figures out that the location Roman was giving them led to a person. By looking at old office layouts, Patterson sees that the location used to have a desk on it, which belonged to data analyst, Derek Wimble. They bring Wimble in for questioning, and eventually find the data cache inside Wimble’s ID badge. Once they look into the cache, they find a lot of medical information that could help them find a cure for Jane.

As Rich and Patterson are getting closer to that cure, Reade and Weitz are working to get to Zapata. To do so, Weitz has decided that going straight to Madeline will be the best bet, and so uses the ruse that the FBI believes she’s on their side. With that in mind, he asks for a few more HCI files from her, and in exchange, he’ll get the FBI to back off HCI. Madeline agrees, and hands over the files. Reade and Weitz look through the files to try to find a clue about Zapata, and are about to give up when Reade notices the name of a pilot that’s used a lot. That pilot seems to have gone to each place they’ve determined Zapata to have been, so put an alert on his name.

Speaking of Zapata, tonight she’s on a mission to track down a hacker named Del Toro who has the ability to crash the airplane designed by Madeline’s rival company, which would then get Madeline the defense contract she’s currently vying for. After some digging, Zapata finds that Del Toro is in Mexico, so she and Madeline fly off to find him – which triggers the alert for Reade and Weitz.

Jane and Weller meanwhile, are taken to an FBI evidence vault so that Eve can get in to steal a box that she can give to her terrorist clients rather than the money Jane stole that Eve can’t find. Once at the location, Jane and Weller take out the security guards, and get in. Eve wants to stick with them in the vault, but Weller convinces her there are security cameras within that would expose her. As such, Eve gives Weller and Jane one minute to get in and out. The two use that time to block the signal of the detonators for the C4 that’s attached to their vests, so they can get the box and escape. They get the box, which contains what could be a bomb, and use the C4 from their vests to blow a hole in the wall, which they use to escape, just as Eve and her men are able to breach the vault’s door. They double back on Eve’s men, and take two of them out, giving them time to move the case out of the building. They make it to the final door, but see Eve and the rest of her men standing outside. Jane tells Weller to find another way out, while she stays at this exit. As he walks off, she lifts his badge, using it to exit, and deliver the case to Eve and escape.

BLINDSPOT — “Case: Sun, Moon, and the Truth” Episode 407 — Pictured: Audrey Esparza as Tasha Zapata — (Photo by: NBC/Warner Brothers)

Eve loads the box into an SUV, not realizing that Weller had put the remaining C4 from his and Jane’s vests in the box. As the SUV drives off, he detonates the C4.

As Weller walks back in the apartment, the phone is ringing. He answers, and it’s Jane, who doesn’t sound surprised that he survived. Weller replies that she almost sounds happy about it, but she makes it clear that she isn’t, as she promises to kill him the next time she sees him.

Weitz for President?

Overall, this was a fairly solid episode because we finally got some movement on all of the storylines we’ve been tracking this season. The biggest of course, is Weller/Remi. Finally Weller seems to be back to his usual self, and was getting things done this episode. Not only did he figure out a great way to get he and Jane/Remi out of the vault and away from Eve, but he’s on to Remi, and he’s not happy about the situation. The two of them arguing about why Weller ever loved Jane was a great conversation, and finally the connection between these two could be seen. Jaimie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton have seemed off in their chemistry all season, but this episode had them working well together again.

The Reade and Weitz storyline also moved along as the two got a lead on Zapata’s whereabouts. However, I’m with Reade on this one – I just don’t trust Weitz’s intentions on this whole thing, and I feel like he’ll easily be swayed by Madeline’s promise to help make him President. That guy is too shifty to blindly trust. Zapata once again barely had anything to do this episode, and I’m really looking forward for Reade and Weitz to catch up to her so that maybe finally we can get more Zapata.

Finally, it’s been said probably each episode this season, but the chemistry between Rich and Patterson make each and every episode. They play off each other so well, and seem to be the only ones really getting things done lately. And they even have time to discuss why Rich should stay away from Boston while they’re out there finding data caches and Zip poisoning cures.

However, next week is the fall finale, so undoubtedly, all of these storylines are going to come to a head. Until next week!

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