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BLINDSPOT Recap: “Though This Be Madness, Yet There Is Method In’t”

By on February 18, 2019

BLINDSPOT — “Though This Be Madness, Yet There Is Method In’t” Episode 413 — Pictured: (l-r) Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC/Warner Brothers)






Boston the Hero

Last week on Blindspot the race was on to find the mysterious Book of Secrets, which Patterson and Rich were going to use to trade for the valuable Stanton cells which could save Jane’s life. As such, Patterson and Rich followed clues across Peru, ultimately succeeding, and successfully saving Jane’s life. Meanwhile, Boston was recruited to help out Zapata, and two found themselves in deep trouble after convincing Madeline about Boston’s hacking skills.

The Hacking of Air Force One

Tonight’s episode, “Though This Be Madness, Yet There Is Method In’t” begins with a construction crew talking to Madeline’s henchman about how big of a building explosion he wanted. He tells them, the bigger, the better. Why? Because it’s the building where Zapata and Boston will be hacking the plane, and Madeline wants no evidence left of what she’s done.

When Zapata and Boston arrive at the building, they are told they have three hours to hack a plane that’s already in the air. Boston isn’t sure he can do it because the plane is owned by Bradley Dynamics, which is a defense contractor known for their incredible security. However, when he sees the room Madeline has set up for him, he says he’ll try. Zapata warns him that Madeline will be tracking his every move, so he needs to actually hack the plane, but do so without causing any damage.

With Jane and Weller away on a romantic getaway (hampered by a flat tire, no spare, and no cell service), Reade, Patterson, and Rich are getting more and more worried about Zapata and Boston. They need to check in with them, but don’t want to blow their cover. As such, they set up a meeting with Madeline to return the files she had earlier handed over to them. While in her office, they grab the sniffer Boston had left on Madeline’s desk and get out, but not without raising Madeline’s suspicions. However, she doesn’t have time to dwell on it, when the real Del Toro walks into her office, and tells her about Zapata not showing up for their meet.

Madeline tells Del Toro to get to work on hacking the plane, and in the meantime, she’ll deal with Zapata and Boston. As for Zapata, she wants to find out if Zapata lied to cover up a mistake, or if she’s working for law enforcement.

Back at headquarters, Reade brings in the head of security for Bradley Dynamics for questioning, and shows him the memos Rich and Patterson pulled from the sniffer that detail failed safety tests of Bradley Dynamics’ security system ARVO, and the need to cover it up. The employee, Garret Young, is confused because ARVO had passed with flying colors, and he had all the memos to prove it. Rich points out that Madeline must have fabricated the memos to leak after crashing a plane, thereby ruining Bradley Dynamics.

As the team begins to get all Bradley jumbo airliners out of the sky, Young tells the team that their security contract wasn’t for a bunch of jumbo airliners, but instead, it was for Air Force One. While the President isn’t currently on the plane, a number of his staff are, as well as Weitz, who is being fired due to his behavior, which resulted in the deaths of two congressman, and a lot of public backlash about corruption in the administration.

While Boston works on hacking the plane, he discovers that Madeline is working against them, meaning they need to escape. Zapata tries to fight the guy who comes in the room to kill them, but he gets on top of her, and is about to choke her out. Boston comes to her rescue by slamming the guy in the back of the head with a steel chair.

Jane and Weller are picked up from their getaway by FBI vehicles and brought to headquarters to help with the hacked plane, and Patterson manages to make contact with Weitz to tell him what’s going on. Weitz is able to convince the woman who just fired him that the plane was under attack, and the two enter the cockpit to discover that the pilots don’t have any control over the plane. They try to reboot the system, but Del Toro is ready for them, and turns off the air in the cabin, causing everyone to pass out. With no one on the plane to help them, the team now must focus on figuring out how Del Toro is hacking into the plane, and stop him.

They determine Del Toro is using a server as a backdoor into the system, and Rich hacks in to shut it down. Unfortunately however, Zapata and Boston have found Del Toro, and have taken him out, allowing Boston to use the server to get the plane back on track, and off its current collision course with downtown DC. Zapata gives Boston a phone and tells him to get out of the building and to call the team to turn the server back on. She’ll stay behind to finish the job, but if something happens, she wants Boston to talk to Reade for her, and he promises he will.

Boston makes it out of the building and frantically calls Rich to tell him to turn the server back on. Zapata finishes the hack, allowing the connection to the plane to be restored, and everyone to wake up.

And then the building explodes, destroying all evidence, and Zapata.

The explosion blows Boston back, and he apologizes to the team on the phone, before seeing Zapata emerge from the rubble of the building. He gives her a big hug and tells the team Zapata is alive. With the plane back on course, Weitz asks if he’s still really fired, and is given his job back.

As the episode comes to a close, Madeline learns of Zapata’s escape and goes into hiding, while Boston is released from his house arrest. Jane and Weller relax at home, and Jane receives a package from Shepherd’s estate lawyer, which contains a drawing of jumbled images. And finally, Zapata heads to Zurich to get the files that would expose Madeline, but is attacked in a bathroom, leaving her bloody and dazed.

Where Does Madeline Go From Here?

Tonight’s episode was an average episode. Once again, there were few scenes with Weller and Jane, but those that did happen included some quality Jeller moments.

The highlight, similar to last week, were the scenes with Zapata and Boston. While it seems as though Boston will be out of the picture for a while to allow him to have some “me time,” hopefully he keeps coming back to help out where needed. I don’t think he needs to become a series regular as Rich has become, but he’s definitely fun in small doses.

The biggest cliffhanger however, is what happened to Zapata. It must be Madeline who managed to take her out, but will Madeline bring her to wherever she’s currently in hiding? And what is Madeline’s next move? Potentially she could use Zapata as leverage now that she (and us viewers) know where Zapata’s loyalties lie. However, we’ll have to wait until March 8 to find out. Until then!

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