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BLINDSPOT “Technology Wizards” Clips: Jane Receives New Hope

By on January 24, 2018

BLINDSPOT -- "Technology Wizards" Episode 311 -- Pictured: Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe -- (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC)

We really feel for Jane (Jaimie Alexander) in these new sneak peek clips from Friday’s Blindspot, because it looks like that emotional rollercoaster ride she’s been on concerning Kurt (Sullivan Stapleton) and her daughter Avery (Kristina Reyes) is about to get steeper.

The action kicks off when Patterson (Ashley Johnson) alerts Kurt to a telephone recording of a frightened young girl making contact with the police to inform them of her kidnapping in Germany. The recording is 4 days old, and the voice belongs to Avery … meaning that it appears that Jane’s daughter is alive and well.

Wait! Does this mean Jane will fall back into Kurt’s arms and forgive him for shooting her child? Sorry, #Jeller fans, it appears that at least for now, Jane is still too hurt to think of forgiving Kurt for his actions, and for keeping the truth from her, as evidenced in the clips below.

It seems Jane is adamant about taking point on a mission to find Avery, and her kidnapper Dedrick — and she doesn’t want Kurt’s help on the case.

Instead, Jane insists on bringing in an old friend, Clem (guest star Steve Kazee) who was instrumental in his assistance on similar cases with Jane in the past. To boot, locating missing persons is kind of his thing, so sorry Kurt!

Let’s just hope that Avery is in fact alive, and not just a voice-a-like plot by Roman to cruelly undermine his sister because we don’t think we can bear that kind of heartbreak Blindspot writers! 

The episode is called “Technology Wizards,” and it airs Friday, January 26 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) on NBC.

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