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BONES Sneak Peeks: Someone Wants the President Dead in “The Secret in the Service”

By on May 25, 2016

BONES: David Boreanaz in the "The Secret in the Service" | Co. Cr: Patrick McElhenney/FOX

Brennan just can’t understand why she’s sick and Booth is not in the first of two new sneak peek clips from Thursday’s Bones episode.

Titled “The Secret in the Service” this whodunnit-style instalment will see Booth working to uncover the identity of the killer of a Secret Service agent who went missing just as the president was due to make a visit to the area.

Who would want to kill a loyal service man, and is the president really the next target? Booth is determined to find out — if the jumpy Agent Brandt Walker will only let him in on the case. It seems Booth’s heritage (namely his famous ancestor John Wilkes Booth) may just be a problem where the protection of the president is concerned.

Meanwhile, Brennan’s flu confines her to bed — but that doesn’t prevent her from actively pursing the evidence.

The episode airs Thursday, May 26 on FOX.

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