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DESIGNATED SURVIVOR: General Cochrane Scrambles For War Without Kirkman’s Permission

By on October 12, 2016


Last week’s episode of Designated Survivor saw one Majid Nassar Al Sakar claim responsibility for the crippling terrorist attack on the Capitol.

However, newly appointed president Tom Kirkman wasn’t convinced that Nassar is the true mastermind behind the attack.

Last week, Kirkman found matters taken (perhaps fortunately) out of his hands when a video message from Nassar claiming responsibility was leaked by one of his own, taking the focus away from his leadership suitability, and galvanizing the mindset of the US public for war.

All well and good, if galvanizing for war is what Kirkman wanted. Except it’s not.

In the first of two new sneak peeks from tonight’s episode, we will see that maintaining his tentative control of the presidential reins is something Kirkman is still grappling with.

General Harris Cochrane — who believes Kirkman is unfit to be president, and who would love nothing more than to seize control — has scrambled a strike force to attack Nassar’s base in Algeria, without permission from Kirkman or the knowledge of their North African allies.

Will Kirkman find a way to subdue the General’s lust for revenge, and can this act of war be stepped down?

Meanwhile, Alex continues her lead into the investigation of the Capitol bombing’s only survivor. However, she may be in for more than she bargains for when she seeks out help from Kimble Hookstraten.

Designated Survivor’s “The Enemy” airs Wednesday Oct 12 on ABC.

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