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Devilish Delights: Exclusive Scoop on LUCIFER’s Season 2 Premiere

By on September 5, 2016

LUCIFER: Pictured L-R: DB Woodside, Tom Ellis and Tricia Helfer on LUCIFER. The season 2 premiere episode of Lucifer airs Tuesday, September 19th (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Brendan Meadows/FOX

Following the mother of all cliffhangers Lucifer bounds back onto our screens in a matter of weeks.

This season the series is upping the ante with the addition of genre queen Tricia Helfer as Charlotte — aka Lucifer’s mother — who escaped her hellish bonds and made her way to Earth in the season finale last year.

With Charlotte now loose in L.A., Lucifer is sure it’s only a matter of time before a reckoning comes his way, and sets out with brother Amendiel to find his mother before she finds him first.

Meanwhile, despite this major distraction, life goes on as Lucifer and Chloe find themselves investigating the murder of a stand-in actress, and while Amendiel and Lucifer adjust to life without Maze, Chloe reassesses her faith and personal beliefs after meeting the new medical examiner Ella.

Sadly, we’ve got to wait until September 19 to learn more. No, wait. We don’t actually. Avid Lucifer fans that we are, ScreenSpy has managed to snag a special early screening of the season 2 premiere, thanks to our friends at FOX, and a suspicious contract we were made to sign in red ink.

If you’re looking for some exclusive scoop you won’t find anywhere else on the web then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll spoil you, but not enough to ruin your enjoyment of the premiere. (No plot line reveals, or other major spoilers. Pinky Promise!)

“My Mum’s Going to Kill Me!”

The closing seconds of Lucifer’s first season left fans with a surprising and puzzling revelation. In an unscheduled trip home Lucifer learned that his mother had broken free from her prison and was Earth bound.

Why was she imprisoned in the first place, who put her there and, perhaps more importantly, who broke her out?

While Lucifer chooses to play the long game with some of its core mythology, fans will be happy to learn that the details surrounding Mum’s imprisonment and escape are (for the most part) forthcoming.

What you need to know: She’s back. She’s looking for her son. And he has every right to be scared silly. Which is exactly where you’ll find him — and Amendiel — in the series premiere.

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