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Exclusive Scoop on the SHADOWHUNTERS Season 2 Premiere

By on December 7, 2016

Freeform's Shadowhunters stars Katherine McNamara as Clary Fray. (Freeform/Justin Stephens)

“You are the new breed of Shadowhunters!” And with those chilling words, Shadowhunters closed out its first season on Freeform, leaving fans to ponder Jace’s fate, Jocelyn and Clary’s reunion, Malec’s next steps and whether Simon will ever reveal his true feelings to Clary.

It’s been a long hiatus, and frankly we’ve gotten a little antsy waiting for season 2 to arrive. Thankfully, our friends at Freeform helped us out with that recently by sending us an advance copy of the premiere episode “This Guilty Blood” for review. (We love you, Freeform!)

So what can fans expect heading into the new season? For things to pick up straight where we left off, for starters. The premiere episode is as balanced as a Seraph blade, offering the blend of action, drama and romance we’ve come to expect from the show. Coupled with a new sense of urgency surrounding the hunt for Jace, we think season 2 will offer some of the strongest episodes yet.

If you’re looking for something a teensy bit more specific, what follows is a collection of teasers and data points we hope will help lift your spirits as you count down the days to the new episodes. As always, we avoid outright spoilers that would ruin your enjoyment of the premiere.

Before we dive in, we wanted to plug some of the interviews we did with the cast, producers and with Mortal Instruments author Cassandra Clare over the summer. If you haven’t seen them already you can find them through this Shadowhunters link, which is basically a list of all of our recent articles on the show.

Ok, enough plugging. On with the show.

Tests of Loyalty

Exactly what percentage unwilling hostage vs reluctant companion is Jace? That’s a good question, and one Valentine would also like to know the answer to.

The premiere episode will see our psychotic villain setting out to discover the truth through a series of cruel loyalty tests that will force Jace to reevaluate some things he may have always taken for granted.

However, there’s a thin line between testing and ‘grooming,’ and the premiere episode will find Jace at risk of losing himself somewhere in the process.

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