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Exclusive Scoop on SHADOWHUNTERS “You Are Not Your Own”

By on June 12, 2017


Shadowhunters returns to Freeform tonight with “You are Not Your Own,” an episode that seems to hint at the Magnus/Valentine kerfuffle of the previous week, but which could also cleverly point to a major story development (which we won’t spoil for you here) in the closing moments.

This fast-paced hour will see Clary’s attempts to understand her recent rune casting failures tossed aside when she receives audacious advice from an unexpected source.

Meanwhile, while the Clave takes a special interest in Jace’s angel blood — and all the special abilities that come with it — Simon considers advice about keeping his own special gifts under wraps.

And while Magnus and Valentine both find themselves prisoners of a unique sort, the greater demon Azazel continues to bring fear and death to the city.

We’ve seen the episode a little early (thanks Freeform!) and have a collection of teasers to share with you before tonight’s action. As always, our article avoids outright spoilers and plot-point reveals that would probably ruin things in advance for you. That said, we suggest proceeding with caution anyway, as who’s to say exactly where the line is drawn between teaser and spoiler anyway? Honestly, it keeps us up at night just thinking about it sometimes!


Filthy Warlock

If you were left lingering in any doubt last week as to what the deal is between Magnus and Valentine, we can confirm that yes, this chalk and cheese duo have indeed swapped bodies, as evidenced by the closing moments of “Mea Maxima Culpa” and all the promo trailers for tonight’s episode.

Great news for Valentine, who has effectively skipped prison. Bad news for Magnus who has to take his place, be horribly tortured, rebuffed by Alec, oh, and face imminent execution.

What we’re not delving into here is why the swap, and just who benefits from all the confusion. Also, we suspect this particular experience will haunt Magnus for some time to come, and not just because he gets manhandled by Alec.

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