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Fall TV: First Impressions of 2016’s Slate

By on June 14, 2016

It may be summer, but Fall is just around the corner.

The broadcast Networks are vying for your attention with almost 20 new shows this year, so isn't it time you gave some thought to what you'll be watching when the nights close in?

Luckily, ScreenSpy is keeping (regularly updated) notes on all the not-for-review pilots sent our way over the summer months.

From time travel action adventures to solid legal dramas and everything in between, what you'll find below are our no nonsense first impressions of what's on offer this Fall from ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX.

If it's on TV this Fall, we've got you covered.

NOTORIOUS (ABC, Thursdays 9/8c)


Notorious is a new Thursday night drama (it’s filling Scandal’s empty spot this Fall) focusing on the high pressure lives of two best friends, Julia George (Covert Affairs’ Piper Perabo), a producer for a successful cable news show, and top LA lawyer Jake Gregorian (Graceland’s Daniel Sunjata).

Notorious is actually based on the lives of criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos and Larry King Live news producer Wendy Walker, who both serve as executive producers on the show.

Josh Berman (The Blacklist, Bones, CSI) is writer and executive producer, and Allie Hagan (Suri’s Burn Book) is writer and co-executive producer.


While Jake makes a living defending L.A.’s glitterati, Julia works to expose the city’s lies and scandals to the nation. These two sharks spend their lives spinning lies into TV-worthy news and splashy celebrity acquittals and will stop at nothing to get at their goals, even when their paths cross professionally — especially when their paths cross professionally.

Their secret to remaining friends? A promise that no matter what happens in their public lives, they’ll never to lie to each other.


Piper Perabo as Julia George, Daniel Sunjata as Jake Gregorian, Sepideh Moafi as Megan Byrd, Kate Jennings Grant as Louise Herrick, Ryan Guzman as Ryan, Kevin Zegers as Oscar Keaton, J. August Richards as Bradley Gregorian and Aimee Teegarden as Ella Benjamin.


Pacy, racy and a little soapy at times, Notorious’ pilot establishes Julia and George’s complicated friendship while still allowing other characters to appeal to our curiosity (You’ll either love or hate TV news star Louise Herrick’s over the top ‘cougar’ antics, while Ryan and Ella’s one-upmanship game, as they scramble for scraps from the boss’ table, is both funny and surprising).

ABC calls Notorious “a provocative look at the unique, sexy and dangerous interplay of criminal law and the media.”  We’re dubbing it the love-child of The Newsroom and Scandal.


Pitch on FOX, Supernatural on the CW, Thursday night football on CBS, Chicago Med on NBC.


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