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The Future of Money Games is Not What You’d Expect

By on March 20, 2017

Whatever your opinion is on the casino gaming industry, it is undeniable that it is changing rapidly. The main reason for this dramatic shift is that the next generation of players aren’t satisfied by the oversimplified games of chance that have thrilled the generations before them.

Not to say that older demographics are less clever, but the technology age has spoiled young players with advanced games and platforms since the dawn of the internet era. Millennials have grown up with highly visual and intricate games, and are simply not impressed by traditional video slots that are predominantly played by members of the generation X population.

For casinos, both online and land based, this is far from good, since slot games contribute most to casino revenue. Slot handle is the term used to describe how many people play slots, and because the logic of slot games is not understood by most players, losses from players are highest for this casino game.

New generation players are not only aware of the trickiness of slots, but are also unimpressed by the gameplay of spin, bet, spin that involves little to no interaction. Game developers have caught onto this trends and are therefore trying to revolutionize the way casino games work.

The first step the industry has taken can be seen in the incorporation of bonus levels that admittedly may not require much user involvement, but are meant to be engaging and unique. Take NetEnt’s Alien video slot for example. While the gameplay remains the same, the game involves three levels, one of which includes a backdrop of you walking through a tunnel as the slot reels spin and collecting ammo automatically.

Automated bonus rounds give players the impression that they are doing more than they are, but what if it still isn’t enough to drive new players to slot machines?

Gamblit gaming is a company that is dedicated to make gambling games interactive, and allow users to be rewarded for skills. Leveraging the possibility of skilled players to rob casinos, however, still seems to be enough of an obstacle for such games ever hitting the mainstream market.

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