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Geena Davis Talks About the Troubled Family at the Heart of FOX’s New Psychological Thriller THE EXORCIST

By on June 7, 2016

THE EXORCIST: Geena Davis in THE EXORCIST coming soon to FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Chuck Hodes/FOX

In an unusual step for FOX, the Network is reworking cult horror The Exorcist as part of its primetime lineup this Fall.

Reimagined as a contemporary psychological thriller, the new series will see two very different priests tackling one family’s case of terrifying demonic possession, according to the latest loglines for the new series.

Directed by Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), the series stars Alfonso Herrera (Sense8, The Chosen), Ben Daniels (Flesh and Bone, House of Cards) and Geena Davis (Commander in Chief, Thelma & Louise).

Davis takes on the role of Angela, a mother a very troubled family, whose difficulties she suspects may be otherworldly.


“I play Angela Rance, who is a wife and mother and career woman,” said Davis, speaking to press about the new series at FOX’s upfront presentation recently.

“I have two daughters who are 17 and 20-ish. I’ve got a lot happening in my life. There’s a lot of balls I’m trying to juggle. My husband has early onset Alzheimer’s and one of my daughters is very troubled. She was in a horrific car accident that was very tragic and it kind of changed her and in the beginning we don’t know, is it the accident that changed her? Is something happening to her? But I’m, I guess, by nature very suspicious about what’s going on with her and seek out the help of a priest.”

“I think people love thrillers. They love mysterious stuff,” continued Davis on the appeal of the show. “They love horror. Many, many people love stories that have a lot of tension and suspense and mystery and this is filled with it. The pilot just blew me away. I was like, ‘wow, I really want to be a part of this,’ and the book turned out one of the scariest movies anybody had ever seen and there’s going to be definitely very scary things happening. I think it’s going to be very engrossing and cinematic. I think it’ll seem more like a 10- hour movie than a regular TV show. It’s going to be great, very suspenseful.”

The Exorcist airs Fridays 9:00-10:00 PM this Fall.

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