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THE GIFTED “3X1” Review

By on January 2, 2018

THE GIFTED: Emma Dumont in the “3×1” Winter Premiere. Co. Cr: Eliza Morse/FOX





When we last saw the Mutant Underground, they had just experienced trauma from Dr. Campbell’s lab, tragedy from Sonia’s death, and confusion, and betrayal with the savage reveal of Esme and her identical sisters and their incredible mind controlling abilities. The Strucker children and Blink have been rescued among other mutants, but at what cost? This question is at the center of this episode as our gang grapples with how far they are willing to go for survival.

This episode’s flashback shows Blink 2 years ago on a date with a normal boy having a good time. There are lots of smiles and laughs. It’s so great to see but we know it won’t last. A group of men with white cross symbols on their shirts surround them. Apparently they are apart of an anti-mutant organization called “Purifiers.” They torch Blink’s car and her date tells her to run, so she portals away.

In the present, the Esme triplets meet with a man in a very fancy building. He appears to be their boss in a mysterious mutant organization. They discuss recent events. This mysterious organization wants to take down the H.O.U.N.D. program at Trask Industries, but they need the help of the Mutant Underground once again.

Then the funeral of Agent Turner’s friend Agent Weeks who was killed in the Esme triplet slaughter is paralleled with the funeral of Sonia. The purpose is to show that in war there are casualties on both sides, and everyone grieves and experiences tragedy, etc. etc., and this mostly works to create a moving scene. However, it feels a little weird considering Agent Turner was directly responsible for Sonia’s death. He sent her to the labs when he knew it was wrong. Agent Weeks died at the hands of the Esme triplets and none of the other mutants in the underground had anything to do with it, so it feels a little uneven.

Meanwhile, Sonia’s death hits John hard. Blink attempts to console him. He is also stressed because the Mutant Underground is divided in the wake of the Esme triplets’ slaughter/ rescue. Some call it a disaster, while others call it a miracle.

The Strucker parents have decided to leave for Mexico, but the Strucker children are firmly against it.

Amid this mayhem, the triplets show up to ask for help. They have intel, but they need the manpower that the Underground can provide in order to take down the H.O.U.N.D. program. Marcos and the Struckers are against it because they don’t trust the triplets. Lorna is for. Blink and John are unsure. John, Blink and computer girl mutant research the triplets and discover that they use the last name Frost and are very wealthy and well-connected. Blink says she is tired of running and John seems to agree.

Dr. Campbell wants to get back in Agent Turner’s good graces and convinces him to come look at what he’s been working on in the labs as a result of the research done on the Strucker children. He wants to combine mutant abilities in a similar way to create super combo mutant hounds, and he needs to test them in the field. Turner agrees. 

Before the Struckers leave for the halfway station to Mexico, Blink and Lauren have a nice chat about their experience in the labs and Blink assures Lauren that Sonia’s death was not her fault.   Then the Strucker family leaves the Underground and arrives at the way station. At first it appears to be empty, but its only a mirage crafted by the one and only Wes, Lauren’s boy toy. Things are great until one of the Esme triplets shows up and corners Andy while he is alone to tries to convince him to convince his parents to return to the Underground.

Meanwhile another of the triplets wakes Lorna from sleep in order to convince her to side with the triplets as well. Lorna accuses the sisters of being a part of something called the Hellfire Club. Perhaps this is the mysterious mutant organization? Apparently Lorna’s real father was a legendary member of the club. Esme triplet also pulls the baby card. Apparently the pregnancy is changing Lorna somehow. Her abilities are increasing in strength and range. Lorna believes her pregnancy is the cause. Marcos suggests its a bipolar episode, but Lorna disagrees. 

Back at the way station, Lauren and Wes share a romantic moment. It’s fine, I guess.

Lorna and Blink have decided to side with the Frost triplets, but Marcos and John are not ready to disregard all principles and morals. Their discussion is interrupted by an alert of an attack. The way station has been targeted by Dr. Campbell and his super combo mutant hounds. The hounds break the building apart by sheer force. Andy gets hurt and is unconscious. Lauren and Wes combine their powers to keep the hounds at bay, but they can’t last. Mr. Strucker calls the core four (John, Blink, Lorna, and Marcos) who make their way to help as quick as they can.

Wes passes out from exertion, so Lauren is left to defend alone. The super mutant hounds continue to explode the building. The core four arrive and help the Struckers and Wes escape to the woods. Andy leads the group using mind instructions from the Frost triplets who have arrived in matching black trench coats and sunglasses bearing escape vehicles. The Frosts may be sociopaths, but I have to admit they have amazing style.

Despite the Struckers and co’s escape, the field test helps Dr. Campbell and Agent Turner convince the higher ups to fund the program on an international scale.

The Frosts return to their boss at presumably the Hellfire Club and admit that they tipped off Sentinel Services about the way station in order to convince the Mutant Underground to side with them. Yikes! The Frosts’ plan worked and now the final battle against Sentinel Services is ready to begin.

In two weeks, the two hour season finale for The Gifted will air and it looks like loyalties will be tested and this war for survival will forever change the lives of everyone involved. Hopefully The Gifted season one ends with a bang worthy of the hype.


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