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THE GIFTED Draws a Huge Crowd at Comic Con

By on July 24, 2018

The Gifted at Comic Con 2018. Photo © Pauline Perenack/ScreenSpy Magazine

The Gifted draws huge crowd at Comic Con

By Pauline Perenack

Marvel film may not have been at Comic Con this year, but Marvel TV was, and fans were rabid for any kind of information they could get. The line for Ballroom 20, which housed The Gifted this year, was hours long, resulting in a completely packed room for the panel. And the panel did not disappoint. 

It was kick-started by a trailer for the new season which teases the audience about Polaris’ baby birth, new alliances, and new powers being discovered. The trailer ended with the title, Dawn of the Mutant Age – the theme of this upcoming season of the show. From there, the cast and crew came out and discussed where they’ve been on the show, and what to expect in the new season. As such, here are some things we learned.

  1. Creator Matt Nix said the show is always dealing with real things, and sometimes due to what’s going on in current society, storylines have to be cut. For example, Blink had a storyline where she found a bunch of kids in cages, and the producers knew they couldn’t do that one.
  2. Most Marvel stories are real life stories, just put through the Marvel machine to seem more fantastical, according to executive producer Jeph Loeb.
  3. X-men in one word, is tolerance. That’s the true spirit of the show.
  4. We’re going to learn more about the Hellfire Club.
  5. Skyler Samuels admits that there is going to be lots of tension between the Frost sisters.
  6. Empire alum, Grace Byers is going to be joining the cast.
  7. According to Blair Redford, John will be questioning his leadership role, but is now hot and heavy with Blink. Or, as Jamie Chung describes it, they’ve been “cupcaking.”
  8. Sean Teale says that Marcos is under a lot of distress. He’s lost everything that meant the most to him. As such, he’s much more jaded and damaged this season.
  9. Polaris is pregnant. Very, very pregnant, and is struggling with missing Marcos, and afraid of labor.
  10. Reed meanwhile, is struggling to balance bringing his family back together while also trying to unlock what he really is. It creates a lot of secrets between them all.
  11. There will be no planes for Thunderbird this season.
  12. Look out for Morlocks and Purifiers.
  13. Polaris understands now that she has to make sacrifices for her child when given a Gift like she has. Ultimately, she’s exactly like her father, and she can’t stand that.
  14. Blink was finding herself in season 1, and she’s now trying to provide guidance for Lauren.
  15. Past mutants will be brought in this season who are straight out of the comics, so the deeper you read, the better you’ll enjoy their arrival.

I for one, am very much looking forward to this new season, and can’t wait to see how all of the characters handle everything that’s going to be thrown at them.

The Gifted returns Sept. 25 at 8pm on Fox.


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