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THE GIFTED “Got Your siX” Review

By on November 7, 2017

THE GIFTED: L-R: Emma Dumont, Natalie Alyn Lind and guest star Danny Ramirez in the “got your siX” episode. Co. Cr: Eliza Morse/FOX


The Gifted Episode 6 ‘got your siX’ Review


By Emma Crow


Last week’s episode centered on the characters dealing with the fallout from episode 4’s battle. It was a bit of a filler episode, but still felt like a cohesive narrative. This episode is largely focused on shifting from dealing with those post battle feelings to building up towards the next major plot point. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but this episode feels all over the place tonally in a way that none of the episodes prior to this one have.

We begin with a flashback to Thunderbird after the 7/15 incident in which he and fellow mutant war vets are raising funds for those affected and are met with some ugly bigotry. One bigot throws a bomb, but Thunderbird manages to save everyone because he’s a badass. One might imagine his episode would be largely about Thunderbird, but although he isn’t involved in any of the major action sequences, . we do learn an interesting revelation later on though, so stay tuned!

In the present, Thunderbird finally has the confrontation with Blink we’ve all been waiting for. He tries to recruit her ability for yet another mission, but instead she totally calls him out on 1) being a coward and 2) using her for her powers and totally disregarding her feelings and bodily autonomy. He has no good excuses for this behavior (dude, you’ve had so much time to prepare for this inevitable moment!) But that isn’t the juiciest bit. She asks him if the way he looked at her in the warehouse [during episode 4] was real and this bomb of a question is met with a lengthy pause and some heavy eye contact. But Thunderbird just replies, “It’s complicated.”

Ugh, men. Thunderbird gave her no reason to stay, so Blink is out.

Now they have to find another way to break into the Baton Rouge federal building in order to steal information about possible experimentations on mutants by Sentinal Services. Little Andy Strucker says he can blow up the wall. It’s settled; Eclipse, Reed and Andy will go on the mission while Lorna, Caitlin, Lauren, and Thunderbird stay behind and hold down the fort.

A lot of this episode is dedicated to Reed bonding with his son, with all its awkward sincerity. It’s sort of nice, but I didn’t realize that they were having major problems that needed reconciling. If anything, Reed needs to mend his relationship with his daughter more, considering she’s been hiding her mutant nature for much longer (which she brings up herself in this very episode).

The road trip provides a nice fatherhood talk between Reed and Eclipse, though, which I really enjoyed. Eclipse is such an empathetic guy; it’s so easy to feel invested in him.

Back at Mutant HQ, we get introduced to a new mutant named Wes who has the hots for our girl Lauren. He woos her throughout the episode, which eventually leads to Lauren opening up about hiding her gift, but things don’t progress too far because Mama Caitlin always comes in clutch to interrupt. He feels a bit sketchy, but at this point it’s hard to say. Both Wes and Lauren get recruited by Lorna to train for battle, which Caitlin is super not into. However, their skills are needed when the Baton Rouge gang runs into some trouble during their getaway after a successful mission. Lorna, Lauren, and Wes combine their abilities in order to thwart the police and get the getaway truck to safety. It’s a really cool scene; I like seeing the mutants use their abilities together in an orchestrated, united way, like a team!

Meanwhile, Dreamy confronts Thunderbird about Blink, and I do not appreciate her attitude. She is very unapologetic about what she did and Thunderbird doesn’t call her out on it and I don’t understand why. And then she KISSES HIM and he KISSES HER BACK and I just really don’t understand their relationship at all.

Despite that… moment, the scene does unveil the big revelation. Thunderbird mentions that The X-Men personally asked him to be a part of the Mutant Underground because “a war is coming” !!! He doesn’t elaborate and I have so many questions, such as who specifically asked him? (and will that X-Men member appear on the show?)

Meanwhile, Agent Turner is back and badder than ever after his kidnapping and mind invasion, and he is super not thrilled that the mutant squad has escaped yet again. He calls in the sketchy doctor who is obsessed with the Strucker kids who was initially too sketchy even for Agent Turner a few episodes back, but times have changed. Agent Turner is no longer cool and collected; He is out for blood.

The episode ends with Eclipse getting a call in the middle of the night from his ex girlfriend Carmen. She is calling him to cash in on the deal he made with her a couple episodes back. This certainly isn’t going to end well.

It looks like next episode will be dealing with whatever mess Carmen gets Eclipse into as well as a shouting match between Reed and his daughter (I told y’all they have issues that need to be resolved), so hopefully their issues get dealt with! I hope next week’s episode is more exciting, but most of all, please let Blink come back!!!

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