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GOTHAM Comic Con Panel Highlights: A Penguin Riddler Team Up, Jim’s New Job & More

By on July 25, 2016

Gotham really knows how to pull off a season finale. Season two of the Batman origin series saw Strange’s (B.D. Wong) monsters being freed from an abandoned bus and starting to wander through the streets of Gotham.

What’s next for the beleaguered city and those who make it their mission to protect it? Gotham’s stars were in attendance at Comic Con in San Diego over the weekend to discuss where the show will see our favorite characters in season 3.

First order of business for September? Prepare for a time jump. Season 3 will kick off with Jim Gordon as a bounty hunter taking down “the monsters that have been unleashed, and that are turing the city into utter, total anarchy” — a full six months in the future, according to Ben McKenzie.

Lee will have a new love interest next season, Morena Baccarin reveals. “She’s really had to piece herself back together.”

As for Bruce Wayne’s monster doppelgänger? “He comes in perhaps not knowing what he’s there for but he was created for a reason and he does have a mission,” executive producer John Stephens said. “He’s going to have a huge impact on Bruce’s life and on Selina’s life as well.”

“It’s been a blast to play two completely different people in the same couple of hours. It’s been confusing on set, but it’s been so much fun and the opportunity of a lifetime,” added David Mazouz.

“In light of what happened to Penguin last year — losing both of his parents, and basically being cast out by everyone that he trusted — he needs allies. He needs people on his side,” said Robin Lord Taylor in response to a question regarding a possible team up between Penguin and Nygma next season. “The connection he has with Nygma just falls right into that.”

“I’ve now embraced this darker side of me,” said Corey Michael Smith of Nygma. “I hopefully have a friend in Oswald. I just get to begin again — as a man, not as a boy. I get to decide who I want to be. It’s a really exciting place to start.”

Gotham returns to our screens Monday Sept. 19 on FOX.



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