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GOTHAM Scoop: Bruce’s Misstep, Gordon’s Heartbreak and More

By on September 9, 2016

GOTHAM: Ben McKenzie. Co. Cr: Kevin Lynch/FOX

Gotham returns in a matter of weeks, and season 3 is looking more insane than Arkham’s rec room.

When we last checked in on the beleaguered city, a busload of mutated Indian Hill prisoners had literally spilled onto the streets.

But with Bruce and Alfred Switzerland bound, and Gordon officially done with Gotham in his attempt to make things up with Lee, it seems the city is without a protector.

Meanwhile, back on the streets once again, Fish Mooney makes strides to cement her footing with the help of her fellow former prisoners, and while Barbara and Tabitha set out to follow in Penguin’s footsteps, they are challenged not to take shelter under the protection of his umbrella.

Meanwhile Cat falls back into her old ways, but finds the company of Ivy Pepper an encumbrance, and Bruce Wayne’s doppelgänger begins asking important questions of his own.

It’s all happening in the “Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell…” episode on Monday Sept. 21. But if you really can’t wait that long, we’ve got a bunch of teasers from the premiere to share with you below.

Jim Gordon, Bounty Hunter

Wait. What’s all this stuff about bounty hunting? When we last saw Jim he was more hopeful than he had been in quite some time, having finally (or so he thought) closed the Indian Hill case, leaving him free to finally track down Lee and try to make her forgive him.

We can tell you that, yes, Jim does track down Lee in the season premiere, but what he discovers will make him hightail it back to the city — alone.

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