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Has My Show Been Canceled? (2020-2021 Edition)

By on November 3, 2020

This article pertains to shows canceled during the 2020-21 Primetime schedule.

To see the full list of shows canceled over the 2019/20 Primetime period see here.

Life before Covid-19 was good to us. We were just too dumb to know it.

New and returning shows kicked off reliably in September or October. There was a reasonable expectation we would get, fingers crossed, at least 15-20 episodes of aired TV before learning our favorite new show (or indeed our favorite feeble old-timer) had been axed, and that cancelation news would always come gently (Broadcast Networks never “announce” cancelations) in May, giving us sufficient time to process the seven stages of cancelation grief: shock, denial, arguing, gifs, anger, depression, and Save our Show campaigns.

Ah May. That extra special time of the year in TV land, also known as bloodbath month, in which the hopes and hearts of the TV-watching public are bounced like a pinball from season finale to season finale, from upfront presentations (aka “Please like our new show! And please stop asking about our old show!“) to May Sweeps — featuring outlandish plot developments to woo Nielsen-viewing eyes, and from Pilot news to those aforementioned inevitable cancelations.

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However TV in the time of Coronavirus now means a whole lot of confusion and delay over announcements regarding the fate of our favorite shows, and the horror of sudden — and early — axings, as Networks execs and showrunners caught in awkward interviews scramble to explain that “rising production costs in the COVID-19 pandemic” was the real villain behind your show’s cancelation.

Although it brings us no pleasure to trumpet the demise of any show, here you’ll find an updated list of TV shows that have succumbed to the chopping block in recent days and weeks, and will therefore not be continuing their 2020/21 Primetime journey. 

Bookmark and revisit for updates … if you can bear the heartbreak. This list is updated daily, or as necessary.




The comedy series about a group of friends trying to stay connected through Zoom during the pandemic was the first real scripted cancelation of the 2020-21 primetime Season. 

The final 4 episodes of the social distancing comedy series are airing on NBC’s streaming service Peacock and also on at the time of writing.



1. NeXt 

AI thriller NeXt set out to tell the tale of an artificial intelligence run amok, as its creator and an intrepid FBI agent teamed up to thwart its nefarious plans to …presumably take over the world?

A mere 2 episodes aired before news of the cancelation struck. 

Remaining completed episodes are set to air on FOX.


2. Filthy Rich

Axed after airing 5 episodes, Filthy Rich followed the soapy adventures of a wealthy family of evangelists who, following the death of their patriarch, struggle with a slew of illegitimate children bursting out of the woodwork.

Remaining completed episodes are set to air on FOX.



1. Castle Rock

The Stephen King adaptation from Hulu was canceled after 2 seasons. The Anthology horror series concluded its 10 episode second season run on December 11, 2019.


2. The Outsider

Another Stephen King adaptation, this time from HBO, has been given the axe. The news came a full 9 months after the the show ended what many considered a successful first season run of 10 episodes.

The studio is said to be in the process of shopping a potential season 2 to other networks and streamers, as I write.


3. Interrogation

Interrogation from digital platformer CBS All Access was canceled after one season. The crime drama, starring Peter Sarsgaard, had launched all 10 episodes on February 6.

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