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Here’s How TV Has Influenced the World of Online Games

By on April 14, 2017

Source: Unsplash

For almost a century, television has been a source of entertainment, information and even comfort for many of its viewers. Since 1928, we as an audience have grown alongside the television to the point where we are now able to access thousands of channels using a remote, a satellite and occasionally Wi-Fi. At this point, there are few aspects of life that television hasn’t managed to influence. Of course, this includes online games – an area of entertainment media that also continues to flourish.

Our favorite television shows have transcended our flat screens and entered a world where we can fully immerse ourselves in the action all from the comfort of our desktops, tablets or mobiles. Today, we thought we’d take a look at some of the online games that were created thanks to the enormous influence of television, from online slots to action and mystery games.

Online Slots


Many online casinos feature a section comprising of both TV and movie-based slots, and some of these titles have proven very popular. What is particularly exciting about this is there seems to be no end of different shows, genres or franchises that are receiving their own licensed slots. For instance, bgo’s roster of slot games for UK gamers includes the original South Park Video Slot as well as Wheel Chaos, alongside a few slots based on more general television themes such as Crime Scene and Dead or Alive.

A particularly popular genre of television slots is game shows, which is why you’ll find games based on Wheel of Fortune, The Price Is Right and Deal or No Deal scattered around the world wide web. There are even sites created specifically to host these slots such as GSN, aka Game Show Games. Meanwhile, casino operators such as Slots In Vegas prefer to embrace sitcoms and host games based on Family Guy, Cheers and even The Beverly Hillbillies. Needless to say, there’s a good chance that your favorite TV show has a slot machine counterpart, all you have to do is find it if you want to play.


Online Games


Unfortunately, when it comes to fully-fledged games, many are reserved for consoles or PC rather than the web. However, there are a few sites that do host some fun titles. For example, at Purely Games you can play traditional game shows but instead of them being slots, you simply play the game as though you were a contestant. These titles include FamilyFeudd, Catchphrase and Countdown, just to name a few.

Then there’s Steam, home to a plethora of games that you can buy and download, many of which will be perfect for avid gamers. Though these titles aren’t usually played online, as you can easily download them we think they do count. Some top choices include The Walking Dead: Season 2, Batman Arkham Knight and Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock. Like slots, there are many TV-based games to choice from, and chances are if you search for your favorite show you’ll come across something worth playing.

We hope that as time passes, more TV shows will be transformed into online games, after all they tend to do extremely well on consoles and PC. What about you? Which TV show would like to see turned into a slot or other online game? 

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