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Jason Patric Talks WAYWARD PINES

By on May 25, 2016
Wayward Pines

WAYWARD PINES: Jason Patric as Theo Yedlin in season two of WAYWARD PINES | Co. Cr: Patrick Hoelck/FOX

Wayward Pines returns to our screens tonight with a new protagonist in the form of Jason Patric’s Dr. Theo Yedlin, who, much like his predecessor Ethan Burke, awakes to find himself in strange surroundings, unaware that he has been in suspended animation for thousands of years while the civilized world as we know it collapsed around him.

Last summer, we watched as Burke (Matt Dillon) spent a season desperately trying to uncover Wayward Pines’ best kept secret, ultimately realizing once that secret was finally revealed to him that he would have to give his life to protect his family and preserve the last vestiges of humanity from the genetically mutated Abbies.

Now it’s Theo’s turn to look for answers – not just to the growing threat of the evolving Abbies, but to those humans who have taken over the town and enforced their dangerous ideology on its citizens.

Jason Patric recently sat down to talk about what it’s been like to take over from Matt Dillon as the main lead this season. “You get used to someone and then somebody else comes in,” Patric acknowledges.

“You realize quickly that you’re the keeper of the character. Being that I’m the lead that people are following through the show there’s a responsibility to the larger scope of it as well.”

Ultimately, says Patric, it was Theo’s upcoming character arc (fans saw a similar story for Burke last season) that drew him to the role.

“Part of it was the challenge — the changing landscape. It’s very difficult to find movies these days that have a rich character who starts at some primal place and then show a real arc and change. It’s hard to find them … so this is interesting — to try to balance something for ten chapters. It also gives the depth and room, I think, to play the type of characters that in the past I’ve been able to do.”

Catch Patric’s full interview below.

Wayward Pines season 2 kicks off Wednesday May 25 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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