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Josh Berman Breaks Down the Complicated Relationship at the Heart of ABC’s New Show NOTORIOUS

By on September 22, 2016

NOTORIOUS - ABC's “Notorious" stars Piper Perabo as Julia and Daniel Sunjata as Jake. (ABC/Kevin Foley)

Executive Producer Josh Berman breaks down the complicated and often at odds relationship between the central characters of his new series Notorious in this following video interview, sent our way by ABC.

The new series is loosely based on the real life friendship between Larry King Live producer Wendy Walker and criminal defense lawyer to the stars Mark Geragos, and stars Piper Perabo as TV producer Julia George, and Daniel Sunjata as her friend, defence lawyer Jake Gregorian.

When Jake’s clients find themselves in the nation’s spotlight, he uses the media — and Julia’s TV show “Louise Herrick Live” –to sway public opinion. Meanwhile, Julia capitalizes on the notoriety of Jake’s buzz worthy clientele.

As Berman explains “The reason the relationship between [Julia and Jake] is so combustible is because they don’t always have the same end-game in mind. Julia wants the best story. She wants the best ratings. Jake wants to defend his clients, and he wants to spin the story in the direction most sympathetic to his clients. Sometimes that’s great, and there’s a real confluence of agendas. Other times they are in complete conflict.”

Watch the full clip below to learn how one of Geragos’ most notorious clients caused conflict for Walker, who was convinced of his guilt, but how, at the end of the day, the pair ultimately remained friends.

The real life story is echoed in Notorious’ season premiere, which kicks off tonight, Thursday Sept. 22 on ABC.

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