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KRYPTON AND LUCIFER at Comic Con: New Villains Revealed

By on July 23, 2017

KRYPTON comes to Syfy in 2018

By Pauline Perenack

First of all, I just want to commend all of you who stood in the line for Ballroom 20 today.

Rumors were spreading all the way to the Hilton about how long the line was, and I managed to see it for myself when I foolishly tried to get into the Black Lightning and The Flash panels right as they were starting.

I did however make it to the Indigo Ballroom where Krypton was making its debut. In attendance at the panel was series star, Cameron Cuffe, along with executive producers Cameron Welsh and Damien Kindler. Little had been disclosed about the show prior to this panel, and as such, all three were quick to point out that Krypton is not a prequel. Rather, it’s a whole new story, in which villains from 2017 time travel back 200 years to Krypton to to corrupt Superman’s grandfather Seg-El so that Superman will never be born.

The character Brainiac will be the main villain, but others will be joining. Thankfully, heroes from this time, including Adam Strange, Hawk Woman and Nightwing will be traveling back in time as well to fight to keep the timeline intact.


Along the way, the story will focus on the fall of the house of El, leaving Seg to fight in the streets. Additionally, he’ll be in a starcrossed relationship with Lyta Zod, whose house is very important.

While fans know the ultimate fate of Krypton, executive producers teased that the show could change that fate, depending on how the battles being fought turn out. The mythology and canon of the comics will be built upon and molded into something that will have fans talking. Fortunately, everyone in the show are huge comic book fans – especially star Cameron Cuffe, who was able to answer a very specific comic book question from a fan in the audience.

Overall, the show sounds very interesting, and is definitely worth a look.

KRYPTON star Cameron Cuffe at San Diego Comic Con 2017. Photo Credit Pauline Perenack/ScreenSpy Magazine

KRYPTON star Cameron Cuffe at San Diego Comic Con 2017. Photo Credit Pauline Perenack/ScreenSpy Magazine

Next up was Lucifer, which created a line out of the hotel. To start the panel, a sizzle reel was shown of some things that are coming in season three, and we saw everything from Lucifer and Amenadiel in a cage fight against each other, to Trixie and Maze hanging out, to Chloe and Dan kissing, to Lucifer strutting in a white suit with his new wings. (Catch the video through the link below)

The panel then kicked off with the cast, missing only Lauren German and Lesley-Ann Brandt, and producers Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson talking about the themes running through the show. While last season focused heavily on family, this season will focus on identity. Lucifer will have to figure who he is now that he has his wings back, while Charlotte will have to figure out who she is now after being inhabited by Mom for the past few months.

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The cast then discussed the move of filming to LA, and all agreed that it will be good, because LA has become a character on the show. Aimee Garcia hinted that they would be filming in landmark locations like Griffith Park and the Magic Castle. Both of which could provide for some great episodes.

As the panel was wrapping up, discussions turned to new characters for season three. There could be some biblical guest stars, and Joe Henderson would love to bring in the character Gaudium, who was prevalent in the Sandman comics. Tom Ellis kept teasing a whole new character to the show and finally brought him on stage. Turns out, none other than Superman himself, Tom Welling is joining the cast. He’ll he playing the role of Lieutenant Marcus Pierce, who will be the new boss of the department, and who will have his eye on Chloe, which will create an instant love triangle with Lucifer. While Ildy Modrovich wouldn’t say that Welling was the main antagonist of the season, she said that each character is a hero in their own story, which could definitely mean that Lt. Pierce will think he’s doing right, but that right will rub our established characters the wrong way.

Guess we’ll just have to wait until October 2 to find out how it goes.

And with that, day three of Comic Con came to an end. Only one more day to go!

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