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Halloween Party Playlist

By on October 26, 2015

Image © ScreenSpy 2015

Halloween is a seriously underrated holiday.

Sure there are haunted houses, tons of candy, and horror movie marathons on television, but it feels like it passes by ever so quickly.

Seriously come Sunday morning everyone is going to be pulling out their fake, plastic Christmas trees.

Halloween just fits my soul (they don’t call me Wednesday Adams for nothing) and there are tons of songs about the Undead or with creepy sounds and themes, so why not make a playlist to share for this festive holiday?

This playlist recreates a party playlist I made a few years back of all of my favorite creepy tunes.

It naturally does well in a party atmosphere because there’s a little something for everyone, but even if parties just aren’t your thing, it’s still really fun to listen to.

Enjoy and always look behind you (horror movie lesson number 1) …

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