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Holiday Gift Guide: Furry Friends

By on December 19, 2015

When it comes to holiday shopping there’s one group that isn’t really all that picky but totally deserves some really cool stuff anyway: our furry friends.

All year long they provide unconditional love and surely they love the holidays as much as we do?

When they aren’t using the Christmas tree as a back-scratcher or scaling the furniture in attempt to eat the candy canes and ornaments (this happens every day in my house during the holidays), they are making our homes happy and loving places.

But let’s be honest here. When shopping for pets isn’t it more about us and our tastes? I know this from shopping for my own dog, Chloe who doesn’t care what’s on her sweater so long as she’s warm when she goes on walks.

When it comes to toys at Christmas, Chloe has no preference and busies herself collecting all the other dogs toys as her own by noon anyway. So, when choosing items for our favorite furry friends it’s more about having the coolest and most stylish things to portray what we are all about as owners.

I’ve found the coolest things around to give our pets a little extra love this holiday, but one question remains: should I get Chloe a trapper hat?


1. Mutts & Hounds collar 2. Boots & Barkley gingerbread cat scratch house 3. Woolrich pet bed 4. Trapper dog hat 5. Top Paw plaid fleece hoodie 6. Henri Bendel dog treats 7. PetFusion cat scratcher lounge 8. Aesop fur cleanser 9. Whisker City holiday sweater 10. Mutts & Hounds leash 11. Rudolph squeak toy 12. Kitty City castle 13. Cat Scratching DJ Deck

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