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The Jessica Robertson Collection Nail Polish Test

By on April 29, 2015

Jessica Robertson Collection

If there’s one beauty routine I have a love/hate relationship with it has to be manicures. I often find discovering a nail varnish that goes on smoothly and doesn’t chip quickly to be rather a hard task. Luckily I found a bit of a solution for both of those issues with Jessica Robertson’s nail polish collection with Dr. Sun RX.

When our sample polishes arrived they were very appealing to the eye. The colors were bright, shiny and inviting. There were two sets, one of solid warm colors and the other shiny glitters. The polishes promised a high gloss formula with no streak and a no-chip finish along with playful, long wear colors, and I must say it delivered to this in nearly every capacity.


Set 1: The colors

The pros of these particular shades far outshine any of the cons, in fact, it was hard to find any cons at all. In the bottle, the taupe shades seem rather dull but after application I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the color. The colors themselves are actually extremely pretty especially the ‘Rock On’ which is a dark lustrous purple shade. The polishes do indeed have a high gloss finish as promised and seen in the photos. They apply much more smoothly than any nail polish I have used previously with one exception: Matte Gray. It tended to clump rather than apply smoothly like the others, and I wasn’t a giant fan of how it looked afterwards on my nails. While it felt very trendy, warm, and almost chalkboard-like which I loved, it showed every imperfection of my application. The polishes dried relatively quickly which I was a huge fan of and removed rather easily too.

Favorite shades: Rock On, Taupe


Set 2: The Glitters

The glitter finishes were actually much better than I expected. The shades are playful and can actually be worn for typical daily life. They would make an excellent fit for special events or a trip to Vegas, but I received a lot of compliments about ‘Champagne Sand’ which I wore throughout my regular week. The application for glitter shades is a bit difficult, but what I enjoyed most about this formula was it didn’t glob the glitter on. It applied fairly evenly, but took quite a bit of time to dry. There is a textured finish to the sand polishes which makes for a really interesting , fun, and different manicure. They last relatively long and I only saw chipping with the glitter shades after about 4 days of wear. The biggest downside is removal of the polishes. Glitter has a really hard time being removed and these were no different. I ended up finding glitter in tons of crevices of my nails days after removal but it didn’t bother me enough not to use them again. The only exception here was ‘Satin Champagne’ which contains much smaller flakes than the sand varieties.

Favorite Shades: Satin Champagne, Champagne Sand

My overall impression of Jessica Robertson’s nail polish collection is a positive one. At first glance I wasn’t sure the polishes would live up to their claims, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked them. I wanted to wear some of the colors over and over again, due to a combination of application and color choice. They last quite a bit and keep their glossy finish throughout. Despite being the warm collection, I think they could still be really popular for spring especially the glitters or chic colors (the purple especially). Most of the colors actually made my tanned skin appear more prominent which is always appreciated.

Jessica Robertson Collection nail polish retails for $7.99 at most tanning salons.

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