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The Perfect Thanksgiving Playlist

By on November 23, 2015

(Photo : patomuzic / YouTube)

Every November Americans everywhere are (almost forcibly) smashed at a dinner table with their nearest and dearest to fight over the last delicious roll or rehash whatever family drama has resurfaced five years later. It both a stressful and celebratory event that, I personally, look forward to year after year.

A few years ago when I started cooking Thanksgiving dinner on my own I put together a simple playlist that allowed me to drown out the chaos around me. I shared it via my old 8Tracks page and it became one of my best playlists to date. This year I decided to revisit it for ScreenSpy as my special holiday gift to you.

There’s a really eclectic mixture of songs from jazz standards to indie folk but all of them play softly in the background. It’s nearly perfect for drowning out the screams of joy over football plays and the horrendous judgements made at the National Dog Show (the toy group should always win) while cooking or just something to play while guests mingle about.

I hope you enjoy this playlist from my kitchen to yours (whether you celebrate or not) and have a happy holiday.

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