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Summer Beauty Essentials

By on June 3, 2015

As the temperatures rise outside, keeping the same old beauty routine gets harder.

There are new trends, new precautions to take into account, and no one wants makeup all over their stylish sunnies. Bye, bye perfect foundation. Hello, melted, shiny mess!

These are the essentials to looking fresh all summer long!

Eyeliner: The classic cat eye was huge on all the spring/summer runways and despite the heat being kicked up a notch it’s still really wearable. For a more dramatic cat eye use gel or marker liner or for a lighter look go with a classic pencil liner.

We recommend: Rimmel gel liner / Boots No. 7 pencil liner / CK One marker liner


Bronzer: Bronzer is a gift from the subtly sun kissed Gods. It screams sunny afternoon spent outdoors rather than hours binge watching Pretty Little Liars, with very little effort. It doesn’t take a bit of the commitment contouring takes either and with cheaper options (like the Rimmel) trying it out isn’t a chore. Just remember apply it correctly in a sweeping 3 motion: temples, cheeks, jaw!

We recommend: Rimmel Natural Bronzer / Benefit’s Hoola / Too Faced’s Sun Bunny


Tinted Moisturizer: Foundation is summer beauty’s mortal enemy. It may look great at first, but by midday it’s heading into shiny, melted territory. The best solution: tinted moisturizer. Not only is it moisturizing but many if not all contain SPF so they protect from the sun while providing the same service foundation would. There is less coverage than a foundation, but at the end of the day less coverage is much better than a cakey mess.

We recommend: Boots No. 7 / Sonia Kashuk / NARS


The next two recommendations come from complaints I hear from people who just don’t get to benefit from the summer glow achieved over the span of warmer months or are just far more prone to sunburns.

Self Tan: Self tanner can be your best friend or your worst enemy which is why gradual tanners such as Jergen’s Natural Glow lotion work the best. It doesn’t leave an orange tint or stain and when applied every day creates a natural looking tan without even stepping foot near a tanning bed. It’s also much safer than the old ways of direct sunlight and bed tanning.

We recommend: Jergen’s Natural Glow / Bare Minerals / St. Tropez


Sunscreen: Everyone goes outside for summer fun but no one wants to be that red lobster with the horrible burn. That isn’t fun so I recommend sunscreen and lots of it. It’s not even an option more of a necessity and Beach Defense is my personal favorite every situation sunscreen and comes in both spray and lotion so there’s no excuses. Always remember to reapply!

We recommend: Neutrogena Beach Defense / L’Oreal Silky Sheer Lotion / Tarte Guard (for the face)

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