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Summer Nail Colors

By on June 4, 2015

From BBQs to trips to the beach, weddings and everything in between, there’s no shortage of occasions to show off a stylish manicure or pedicure.

With so many trendy options including nudes, neons, glitter, and pinks, there’s no shortage of options. Nothing seems to be off limits so you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Never fear, I am here to help with some of my favorite options.

White: Summer white is a classic (maybe not for a wedding though). Essie’s Private Weekend contains a bit of shimmer which is much less of a commitment than say a full glitter polish.

I recommend: OPI Alpine Snow / Essie Private Weekend / NARS Ecume


Peach: Peach seems to be the color of the moment. It’s so hot right now even Essie’s Peach Side Babe is sold out nearly everywhere on the internet. So get it in store while you can!

Other options include Keen by Butter London and Alive by Sephora’s Formula X


Mint: NARS Thasos has been on my mind since I saw it in one of their pretty Instagram posts so I thought, “why not mint rather than neon?” It’s such a pretty, light color, and was huge years ago. I’m bringing it back. It’s underrated and definitely something not many people will be doing this summer so don’t be afraid to go against the grain.

Try out Pepperminty by Ciate, Mint Candy Apple by Essie, or the previously mentioned Thasos by NARS.


Blue: Blue is one of this summer’s hottest nail colors. Essie even has two shades of blue in their summer collection that’s how hot it is. The best part about blue is the variety of shades. Lighter colors like Saltwater Happy by Essie are great for every day occasions or those not really interested in blues. I’m currently rocking a very nautical blue, Pret-A-Surfer by Essie, and I can honestly admit to being a light blue polish convert.

Other great shades worth trying are Sprog by Butter and Ikiru by NARS.


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