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LUCIFER “Lady Parts” Recap

By on October 18, 2016

LUCIFER: L-R: Aimee Garcia, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Lauren German and Rachael Harris in the ÒLady PartsÓ episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, Oct. 17 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Bettina Strauss/FOX.

By Chris B

“Damn it, Leroy.”  Why’d you have to drop a drone right on a corpse?

On last night’s Lucifer, the lovely dead body draped in the woods in her spiffy red dress, Daria Mitchell, was left to flounder by the Uber driver from whose car she leapt while it was still in motion.  He is removed from the suspect list when it is discovered that the hallucinogenic poison in her system would have taken ninety minutes to work, well beyond the scope of his appointment.  The only lead:  the deceased sports a triangular stamp, presumably from a night club.

They visit the home of Daria’s boss, Davis Fitzgerald, who greets them at the door with a bloody apron and a knife, fearing them “militant vegans” intent upon spoiling his sausage.  However, it seems his sausage has been kept plenty fresh by the stream of waitresses he’s had flings with of late, but “hipster infidelity” is the worst of his crimes.

The next stop in the investigation is Daria’s roommate, Naomi, who they find decomposing, also poisoned.  Dead end?  Perish the thought! She also bears the same stamp on her arm, which Chloe deduces is likely from a shifty rave of some kind.

Lucifer intercepts Amendadiel and dumps his Cosmo for a real drink.  Where to get it?  By coming along on the job as Dan and the boys crash the roving sex party that both of the dead girls had attended.  They find out that their poisoned drinks were paid for by “some Hollywood dirtbag” named Yuri.  Apparently there is a third blonde that Yuri had been carting around, so the race is on to find her before she ends up on a slab as well.

However, when Yuri is discovered, he is puking and moaning—he, too, had been poisoned.  Someone named Crystal had set up the girls with him and left him to drink the rest of the poison when the girls bugged out.  Turns out that Lily,  the neighbor and former sorority sister of Daria and Naomi, had used them to make a buck.

Focus on Fun

Lucifer loves his cell phone; in fact, he finds it “more addictive that a whore’s navel cocaine,” but Dr. Linda frowns upon their use during sessions, especially when they’re being used to further a distraction to avoid conflict, or to avert one’s attention from breaking a deal with God to allow his potentially evil mum to stay on Earth—you know, the usual stuff.  While she means it as a warning, he takes it as a free pass to nix the subject all together.

Later, he finds it so difficult to focus that he takes a sideline while interviewing Davis to ask for tips on starting his own weed garden and to face-time Maze to get her to take Decker out for drinks and “fun” to keep her from asking questions about darling Mum.

Amenadiel returns a book to Dr. Linda (“Therapeutic Truth—so much for that, right?”) and sighs his way into a bit of counseling.  He hints at a physical problem, for “things just aren’t working the way they used to.”  The poor guy suffers from pious envy and no one to help him?   The doctor suggests—wait for it—fun!  Pretty soon, he’ll relax and be flying his flag once more.  Good luck with that.

When Chloe shows up to Lux to ask for Lucifer’s help tracking down the rave organizers, she is once again forced into the bonds of fun by Maze and Ella, the latter who has shown up at the club at Lucifer’s suggestion.  They adjourn to a nearby tiki bar where Dr. Linda joins them for a proper Girls’ Night.  They share secrets (including Dr. Linda former gig as a phone sex operator and Ella’s as a former auto thief), sing karaoke, bag on Lucifer via a horribly faked accent, and drink aplenty.  Eventually the night erodes into an all-out brawl when Chloe interrogates a patron with a jealous wife, one the doctor’s professional estimation labels “a raging bitch.”  Let the good times roll!


The “supreme goddess” is adjusting horribly to her new beat as Charlotte, Wife and Mother of Two in Suburbia.  She finds herself suitably challenged by casserole baking and the little humans (a.k.a., “factories of filth”), and Maze’s visit to rub it in her face does not help.  However, Charlotte has figured out the following: to make a man shut up, just have sex with him; humans are obsessed with gluten; and she’d rather endure this hell and return to the actual realm since it means she is closer to her family.  Does Maze get it?  “Of course not—you’re all alone.”

Decker’s crushed to learn that the Girls’ Night had all been a set up.  She had claimed she’d never had true friends like that before, and sadly, it seems she still doesn’t.  Maze, though, makes her version of an apology and informs Chloe that, per their drunken agreement, they’ll now be roomies.  Problem solved?  Does Decker now have a new best bud?  Not quite, but Maze pronounces that she no longer wishes to kill Chloe, so that’s something.  Plus, neither lady has to face the immediate future alone, which is an improvement, no matter the other tripping points.

When Lucifer objects to the arrangement, Maze reminds him that he’s no longer the boss.  Does she want his convertible?  The new bartender?  Nope.  She makes him pour the drinks to solidify the shift in their dynamic.  New frontiers await.

Another shift?  Amenadiel warns Lucifer that their father may revoke Chloe’s soul to make good on the bargain that had been struck, but Lucifer doubts it.  After all, it is only one human soul, so why bother?  But, in the final seconds of the episode, Chloe’s cruiser is smashed by another car.  Could this spell her end?  Perhaps her role as pawn of the gods has taken a dark turn.

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