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Malec’s First Date, Jace’s Anguish & More Shadowhunters Comic Con Scoop

By on October 9, 2016


Over a thousand Shadowhunters fans filled the Hammerstein Theater to the brim this Saturday, morphing the New York Comic Con panel event into an electric pit of excitement and glee.

The show’s entire cast, including Kat McNamara, Dominic Sherwood, Alberto Rosende, Matthew Daddario, Emeraude Toubia, Harry Shum Jr. and Isaiah Mustafa graced the stage for their second New York Comic Con appearance. The enthusiastic group gave fans an hour of teases, humor and pure entertainment as they talked about what their characters were headed and their favorite elements of the upcoming season, which the panel revealed is set to premiere on January 2.

The Mortal Instruments author Cassandra Clare and new season two co-showrunners Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer also took to the stage to dish on what Shadowhunters dedicated and eager fans could expect from season two of the hit Freeform series.

Moderated by TVLine’s Andy Swift, the panel offered an exclusive first look at 2×01 “The Guilty Ones” and a goosebump inducing sizzle trailer that catapulted fans right back into the shadow world, and more importantly, the conflicts of their favorite characters.

Season two is expected to pick up right where season one ended, following the fallout of Jace leaving with Valentine to help him build his unstoppable (and deadly) army of Shadowhunters. The footage was perhaps the biggest clue as to where the first ten episodes of season two were headed, but the cast, author and executive producers were more than happy to help fill in (some) of the holes.

On the production side, that means the addition of some new creative blood, from a brand new stunt team to two new directors, including Stitcher’s Sally Richardson, along with The Vampire Diaries actor Paul Wesley, who is slated to direct episode 16 of the series’ expanded season.

Shadowhunters EPs Slavkin and Swimmer gushed about Wesley’s presence during the panel, declaring Wesley as a “fan of the show and a great director” who they are thrilled to have.

In addition to new blood behind the camera, fans can expect a darker but glossier tone to series’ universe. In fact, one of the most obvious differences between the first and second season will be the look of the production, which seemed to significantly jump in quality based on the previewed footage.

According to Shadowhunters Executive Producer McG, that wasn’t a mistake.

“The whole world expands in the second season,” McG told the audience. “The stories are bigger and deeper.”

Clare, who visited the set only days before the NYCC panel, confirmed this, citing more for our shadowhunting crew. That includes Simon’s house, which will feature photos of young Alberto Rosende, who plays the young vampire Simon Lewis, and an expanded New York Institute.

“The whole set is really different in a cool and textured way,” Clare explained. “Simon has a house with photos of young Alberto. The institute also expands out.”

It’s not just the size or the details of the locations that are growing either. Fans can expect to see the very tools the shadowhunters use evolve as well. Those who’ve watched the trailer and sneak peek will notice that during the practice spar between Izzy (Emeraude Toubia) and Clary (Kat McNamara), Izzy’s famous whip becomes a solid and fierce staff.

Slavkin, Swimmer and McG all confirmed at various points that they are developing new shadowhunters tech for the universe. The upcoming season will really explore how weapons are developed and how they evolve. According to the EPs, they borrowed from the look and feel of Minority Report to help design season two tech.

The tech isn’t the only powerful tool that’s getting an upgrade. Book fans expressed issues with the color of Magnus’ magic during the first season. According to McG, they’ve adjusted the color of it for season two to match the books better.

As their weapons and powers grow stronger, so will the cast, according to several accounts of the training that has gone into season two. According to star McNamara, they’ve all been training with fitness, martial arts and weapons to step up game for this season.

Perhaps the biggest bit of news (outside Wesley’s role as director) was the direction of season two’s plots. Dominic Sherwood, who plays shadowhunter Jace Wayland, announced the show would continue its trend of indirect adaptation.

“For the guys who read the books, it gives a decent basis for this season, but they’ve changed stuff,” Sherwood said. “There’s stuff that wasn’t there and things that come later. But there are times where we have to keep it as fresh as possible.”

According to the panel, you’ll get to see world and characters in a new way as they go through new things and new situations that push them beyond what the books did.

While the world building is great, most of the fans wanted to know about their favorite characters–and relationships. Lucky for them, the cast spent quite a bit of time teasing what’s in store for their favorite angels and demons.

Season 2B, according to several people at the panel, will revolve a lot around Jace’s journey with Valentine, and everyone else’s fight to get him back–if he even wants to come back.

“Things get worse for Jace before they get better,” Sherwood teased.

“Things get worse for everyone before they get better,” McNamara followed up later on.

That includes the relationship between Jace and Clary, which–after Jace’s decision to go with Valentine in last season’s finale, sees them torn apart, and despite being so close, maybe at odds.

“Their journey is still intertwined, but have the substantial weight over their heads,” Sherwood said. “From Jace’s point of view he’s on his own and do what he has to do in order to fix things. He doesn’t have his friends, his parabatai or family anymore. So he’s pretty lost and struggling. The beginning of season he keeps being given new information that throw him deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole.”

“Jace and Clary handle news differently,” McNamara said. “Clary has been dealing with Valentine reveal since last season, and she’s trying to help Jace through that.”

Clary’s relationship with Jace will be only one of her big relationship dramas of season two though. Jocelyn (Maxim Roy) is now awake, which means we’ll be seeing a lot more bonding… and head bumping.

“The relationship between Jocelyn and Clary will have its ups and downs and fans will really see it in season 2,” said Isaiah Mustafa. “Luke and Jocelyn will also have ups and downs as Luke will have to confront her about things.”

And what about season two’s break out couple, Malec?

“Boy do Malec go through it,” McG teased the audience.

“You see what’s happening with both and then individually, then how it affects relationship,” said Harry Shum Jr., the actor behind Magnus Bane. “The show will go deeper background into the characters and we’ll ultimately see their first date and how that affects them together and individually.”

Other notes:

  • Malec’s first date will happen, according to McG and Shum Jr.
  • Season two will continue with themes of positive female relationships, especially for Clary and Izzy. It goes back to Izzy and Clary’s relationship. About sisterhood and not being in competitive competition,” said Emeraude Toubia.
  • After Harry showed off his magic conjuring moves, McG told us there’s an orb scene in the first episode. During the scene he’ll have cat eyes and no shirt on! (See our first look photos from the season 2 premiere for more on that.)
  • Alberto said Simon will have to find a new place after being banished from the Vampire clan. He’ll be trying to find out what this whole thing means–being a monster/vampire. He plays with vampire strength and other attributes of the monstercality during season two and starts to own who he is. He owns the monster who lives inside.
  • Sizzy fans will have to wait a bit. Right now Simon is in a completely different zone than Izzy. There are very much separated right now. But season two will go into the journey of them needing to be apart so when they find each other it’s electric, according to Rosende.
  • Isaiah Mustafa says Luke is dealing with a lot of love during season 2. You’ll get to see Lucelyn (Luke and Jocelyn) develop and get a better look at who Luke is from the inside. Fans can expect to get to know his character a lot more. We’ll also be seeing a lot more of Luke’s “outside” (a.k.a. he’s shirtless).
  • According to Sherwood, there’s a lot more wire work during the season and as we saw in the sizzle reel there’s a jump off the side of a boat. This season there is a new stunt team that pushed the group hard and faster for longer. The cast is training every day.
  • Slavkin teased that episode 3 will see Maia and Simon getting close.
  • There’s a scene in season two where Magnus has to activate a rune on a shirtless Alec, according to McG.
  • While Jace is away, “Simon might try to slide into the DMs,” when it comes to Clary according to Rosende.

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