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THE PASSAGE Debuts at Comic Con

By on July 21, 2018

The Passage premieres at Comic Con

By Pauline Perenack

One of the few shows premiering at Comic Con this year is upcoming Fox drama, The Passage.

The Passage is based on the Justin Cronin book of the same name, and is about a young, orphaned girl, on the run after it’s learned she might be the only person able to stop the spread of a highly infectious vampiric strain, which was unknowingly released by a U.S. government experiment.

ScreenSpy will be reviewing the episode in more detail closer to its official US airing, but for now, here are some initial thoughts from the Comic Con screening today. 

  1. Ridley Scott executive produced this? Oh, it’s got to be good.
  2. The vampires in this show are seriously creepy.
  3. We’re barely a few minutes into the show, and already several characters are making bad choices.
  4. Hmm, the young girl is the narrator. I wonder how far in the future she is when she is telling us the story of what happened.
  5. Zach Appelman is very unlikeable in this.
  6. Mark-Paul Gosselaar however, is very likeable. I still miss Pitch.
  7. Wow, the way vampires can communicate with humans is really unsettling.
  8. Gosselaar’s character Brad apparently has an ex-wife, and that relationship seems to be very complicated.
  9. The relationship between Brad and the young girl, Amy (Saniyya Sidney) is really well played. The two have great chemistry.
  10. Ok, the carnival scene is super cute.
  11. Oh, yup, that relationship between Brad and his ex Lila is definitely complicated.
  12. Well, that show has intrigued me. Interesting premise. I must read the book. But seriously? It’s not debuting until 2019?

Overall? I’m always skeptical of new vampire shows. There’s just so many of them. I’ll keep watching this one because Ridley Scott produces it, and I really did enjoy the relationship between Brad and Amy. I feel like the show overall can work, but it might have a tough time finding an audience larger than the hardcore fans.

The Passage will premiere on Fox in early 2019.



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