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SHADOWHUNTERS Gets a Season 3B Premiere Date

By on November 3, 2018

SHADOWHUNTERS – “Salt In The Wound” (Freeform/John Medland)


For those fans anxiously awaiting news on Shadowhunters’ remaining episodes, this latest tweet from Freeform offers bitter sweet consolation.

The show will officially return for season 3B on Monday, February 25, 2019.

However, sporting the hashtag #ShadowhuntersLegacy, the announcement lacks the real news fans most want to hear — that Shadowhunters will continue beyond a third season in some form, be it on another network or streaming platform, or in some manner of spinoff. Following the initial news of the show’s cancellation, host network Freeform, streamer Netflix, and show producer Constantin Film have offered no further word on the show’s fate.

The scheduled episodes will culminate in a 2-part wrap-up movie The Final Hunt, which, say show creatives, will bring the series’ storylines to a satisfying end.

When news of the series’ cancellation broke in June 2018, fans came together to collect over 160,000 signatures on a petition to let other networks, cablers and streamers know there is still an active fanbase out there who would very much like the show to continue outside of its former home at Freeform.

The dedication of these fans didn’t end there. The group has also pledged tens of thousands of dollars to The Trevor Project, an organisation providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning teens and young adults. 

Earlier this year, a tense summer finale saw Clary defeat Lilith, but at great personal cost. With Lilith now banished back to Edom, it looks like Clary will have to defeat her there. Again. However, with her friends (including Jace, now returned to his full faculties, Alec, mortally wounded, and Magnus bereft of his powers) thinking Clary is dead, the struggle to learn what has actually happened to her, in addition to mounting a successful rescue in a world of demons, will prove an uphill one.

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