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SHADOWHUNTERS “Hail and Farewell” Review

By on August 8, 2017
SHADOWHUNTERS - "Hail and Farewell"

SHADOWHUNTERS - "Hail and Farewell" (Freeform/John Medland) ALAN VAN SPRANG, WILL TUDOR

By Andrea Dixon

 The penultimate episode of season 2 delivers an action-packed hour as the various factions of the Shadow World assemble to hunt down Valentine and Sebastian. This assembly includes the return of recurring characters as well as the arrival of some much-anticipated guest-stars, while the multiple fight scenes provide us with a taste of what is to come in the finale.

In a last-ditch attempt to continue the weekly Shadowhunter and Downworlder cabinet meetings, Alec hosts another gathering at the Institute, and this time, the Seelie Queen herself attends on behalf of the Fair Folk. Magnus stands by her side and is hardly able to make eye contact with Alec. Raphael and Luke are also present and make it clear that they too are looking out for the best interests of their people, effectively severing the last ties that remain between the Downworlders and Shadowhunters. Tired of secrets and lies, Magnus puts his trust in the only kind that are factually incapable of lying, and the Seelie Queen gives her word that she will protect all Downworlders against the Clave who has failed them time and time again.

Everyone has the common goal of finding and eliminating the combined threat of Valentine and Sebastian, who are roaming the streets of New York trying get their hands on the Mortal Mirror. Magnus hosts a Warlock reunion at his loft. The littlest in attendance is Madzie and with her return comes the introduction of her care-taker, Catarina, who is often heard about, but not seen until this point. There appears to be a reason for this as she, similar to Luke, has integrated herself into Mundane life with a regular job as a nurse. Magnus asks for her help in creating an anti-Nephilim barrier around the city that prevents Valentine and Sebastian from leaving.

Valentine uses (and abuses as per his M.O.) a Warlock named Rufus to portal to Lake Lyn (he has ears everywhere). Observant fans may recognize the Warlock as the one Magnus had banned from the city. Rufus is, of course, not strong enough to break through a barrier erected by multiple Warlocks, leaving Valentine and Sebastian scrambling and squabbling. Needless to say, they do not work well as a team, each of them believing they have the upper hand which leaves them unfocused and resentful towards one another.

Meanwhile, Maia is dubbed Alpha Beta of the Werewolf pack in Luke’s absence by Simon, who continues to spend more time with Werewolves than his own kind. Simon is the only character who does not consider the divide of races, instead remaining loyal to the individuals he considers friends. He does not let fear sway him from what he believes is right, and therefore provides some much-needed apathetic representation in a world that is primed for war.

Last week surprised and enchanted Malec fans, but this week it is Clace’s turn to shine (or glitter rather). Clary has another vision encouraging her to work together with Jace in order to hone their angelic powers. They share a loving embrace and give into their feelings as they experience that emotions really do give them power.

The audience is treated to two exciting major fight scenes; the first of which involves Forsaken (the Shadow World version of Zombies which we have not seen since season 1) and the second is a bloody showdown between the two men who were once called J.C.  Alec, Jace, Clary and Izzy divide and conquer the Forsaken, showcasing some wonderful girl power as well as the return of Alec’s bullseye archery skills, which he hasn’t used much since he took the job as Head of the Institute. Jace is taken by Sebastian in the heat of the battle and hoisted up with a chain around his neck on the beams of a bridge. This is the setting for the eventual take down of Jonathan and we see that Izzy really is one of the Institute’s best as she enacts revenge upon the man who betrayed her trust and threatened the wellbeing of her family. However, I am not fully convinced that this is the last we will see of Jonathan (and Will Tudor). He is simply too good of a villain for us to be finished with him so soon.

The final scenes involve some ill-boding developments. Maia is kidnapped by Seelie Queen’s right-hand man Meliorn, most likely in an attempt to lure Simon into the Queen’s clutches. She has shown interest before in procuring Simon and his Daylighter powers, and when Simon denied her advances again this episode, she looked determined to have her way. Valentine then somehow gains an amicable audience with the Queen. How this man keeps evading death is beyond me.

Tensions are high as full-out war is upon us and many of our beloved characters will be fighting against each other. The trailer still prophesies that “one will die” and there are many theories circulating about who that may be. There is also a shot where it appears that Valentine has achieved his goal of raising the angel Raziel, which means he could get his one nefarious wish. I am excited to see if the mid-season finale can be topped since that one was sweepingly epic and delivered in spades. The trailer is making it look like it can. Here’s hoping that the show wraps things up enough to allow the fans to sit comfortably during the hiatus.

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