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SHADOWHUNTERS “Original Sin” Scoop

By on March 1, 2019

SHADOWHUNTERS - Freeform's "Shadowhunters" stars Alberto Rosende as Simon Lewis, Isaiah Mustafa as Luke Garroway, Dominic Sherwood as Jace Wayland, Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus Bane, Matthew Daddario as Alec Lightwood, Katherine McNamara as Clary Fray, Alisha Wainwright as Maia Roberts and Emeraude Toubia as Isabelle Lightwood. (Freeform/Justin Stephens)

Shadowhunters is back on March 4 with "Original Sin," an episode that picks up on the events of the Spring Premiere, as Simon attempts to track down New York's oldest vampire, Clary and Jonathan find themselves in romantic Paris, and Magnus and Alec struggle to find their new normal.

Speaking of romance, this installment is brimming with it. Your ship is more than likely to receive a nod, whether that's Magnus and Alec, Clary and Jace, Simon and Isabelle, or Jonathan and Clary.

Wait! What? Eww!

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We've seen the episode a little early, thanks to our friends at Freeform, and have a collection of teasers to share with you below.

As always, we avoid major plot point and character reveals that would likely spoil your enjoyment of the live episode (you're watching live, right?). That said, we urge you to proceed with a little caution anyway. If you'd like to know more about our strict Spoiler Policy, you can do so through the link in this sentence, but we promise you it won't be a cool as the article below.

All the Time in the World

Malec is on overdrive this week, as Magnus realises his mortal life is a short one. Cue breakfast in bed, a sexually charged sparring scene, and a whirlwind city tour, as Magnus attempts to have it all.

Realising his Warlock immortality has spared him from a ‘lifetime of FOMO” (that’s fear of missing out), we’ll see an invigorated determined Magnus on display.

However it will take Alec to prove to his lover that he may just be missing the wood for the trees.

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