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Takeaways From THE 100 Panel at San Diego Comic Con

By on July 23, 2016

Pictured: Eliza Taylor as Clarke -- Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW

By Pauline Perenack

Ballroom 20 was absolutely packed for CW’s The 100 panel, with fans lining up for questions before the panel even started.

To kick things off, publicist Marc Klein played a sizzle reel that brought attendees up to date on all that has happened over the past three seasons, and eagle-eyed viewers got a glimpse of what to come.

These are the most interesting tidbits to come out of the panel:

  • That teaser glimpse of what’s to come is a giant storm rolling towards Polis. Showrunner Jason Rothenberg mentioned the storm would be arriving towards the end of the season, and star Eliza Taylor described how this was season four’s greatest enemy — the earth itself.
  • She went on to talk about how it will be interesting to watch the characters trying to survive again in a world with an enemy they can’t defeat. Clarke will find herself once again trying to convince everyone to get onboard with her solution.
  • Because last season was so dark, writers are making it a point to bring more humor into season four.
  • Octavia is going to take a really dark turn after the events of the season three finale. She’s going to go ahead and do what she does best – killing people – and will become somewhat of an assassin.
  • Raven is not going to be same Raven we’ve seen. She’s gotten an upgrade because of Allie, and will be more of a Raven 2.0. She went through an evolution and is on a different level, ready to take on their biggest enemy yet.
  • Both Roan and Indra are alive. In fact, Zach McGowan, who plays Roan was promoted to a series regular for the next season.
  • Luna will also be back, and will have difficulty dealing with what she’s seeing.
  • Clarke will continue protecting not only her crew, but the Grounders as well, and will continue to work on uniting everyone, because with the newest threat out there, they need to unite to survive.
  • There is now a void in the leadership position in Polis, and as such, the first episode will focus on filling that void.
  • While the new leader won’t possess the Flame, the Flame will be an important part of this season, and we will meet a Nightblood who could end up taking the Flame.
  • The end of season three was originally shot with Jasper killing himself. However, it was determined that the ending was too dark for an already dark season, so the scene was cut, and Jasper will be back.
  • It was revealed that Kane was originally supposed to be Octavia’s father, but the idea was quickly scrapped.

The 100 Panel SDCC 2016 The 100 Panel SDCC 2016

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