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THE BLACKLIST Season 7 Finale Scoop: A Chilling New Enemy Takes Center Stage

By on May 15, 2020

Get ready Blacklisters!

Tonight marks a finale like no other, as The Blacklist goes gritty graphic novel style in order to push its last episode of the season across the line, during the height of the Covid19 pandemic.

The episode, "The Kazanjian Brothers” will see Red and Katarina battle against each other when the Task Force's latest investigation into a criminal accountant gives Red an unfair advantage in their struggle for power and intel.

But as Red's health declines further, and Katarina faces exposure, Liz is forced to finally choose a side.

Meanwhile, a new and deadly foe looks set to take center stage in Season 8.

Read on for some specific scoop on Friday’s episode. As always, we promise to abide by the network’s request not to reveal major plot points or character developments that would spoil your enjoyment of the live episodes. However, Scoop and Spoiler articles from our magazine do dip a toe in spoilery waters, so please proceed with caution. 

A Helping Hand

When a heated exchange between Red and Liz comes to the boil, Red’s health will take a turn for the worse tonight.

Help is at hand though, and we’ll see Red in the helpful arms — or lap — of the last person you might expect.

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