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THE BLACKLIST Sneak Peeks: Red is VERY Disappointed in the Postal Service

By on October 17, 2017

THE BLACKLIST -- "The Endling" Episode 504 -- Pictured: James Spader as Raymond "Red" Reddington -- (Photo by: Will Hart/NBC)

Red’s in (mock?) sentimental form in the first of three new sneak peek clips from Wednesday’s episode of The Blacklist, regaling a member of the United States Postal Service about that one time he sent “the most extravagant love letter” to one Sarah Ellen Winstead on the eve of his joining the naval academy.

Sarah Ellen, as it turned out, never wrote back, and Red suspects the postal service is to blame. Because what impressionable young woman could realistically resist Raymond Reddington’s charms?

If she had received his letter, muses Red, his whole future might have turned out differently. He could be thinner, and living in Maine, for example. 

Red’s story might be true, or it might simply be a means of entertaining himself, or even lulling his hapless victim into a false sense of security, which, let’s face it, he occasionally does.

Whichever it is, we know for certain that Red definitely means business — business that has absolutely nothing to do with his lost letter, as evidenced in the second clip.

Wednesday’s episode is “The Endling,” and it will see Liz and the Task Force hunting for an elusive criminal who will stop at nothing to destroy some of the world’s most precious treasures.

Meanwhile, a surprise encounter will lead our cash-strapped Red toward a new business opportunity, teases NBC.

And Tom will finally take action to investigate the bones in the suitcase. (You know, instead of simply opening the case every week to check those bones are still in there.)

“The Endling” episode of The Blacklist airs Wednesday, October 18 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) on NBC. 

Catch the clip in full below.

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