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THIS IS US Sows Seeds of Dissent in “The Most Disappointed Man”

By on November 7, 2017

THIS IS US -- "The Most Disappointed Man in the World" Episode 207 -- Pictured: (l-r) Mandy Moore as Rebecca, Milo Ventimiglia as Jack -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Disappointment is the central theme of tonight's episode of This is Us -- but don't worry, there's a large dollop of feel-good in there too that will be sure to leave fans laughing through the tears.

"The Most Disappointed Man" will flash back, not only to William's drug years, but also to the Pearson's official bid to adopt baby Randall.

We'll see how two court judges weighed the facts against their own personal beliefs, and in making a crucial decision, helped alter the course of Pearson family over the years to come.

Meanwhile, in the present day, Kevin begins to spiral out of control, and while Kate and Toby reassess their marriage plans, Randall goes up against Deja's mother, Shauna.

We've seen the episode a little early, thanks to our friends at NBC, and have a number of teasers for you. As always, we avoid plot point and character reveals that might ruin your enjoyment of the live episode.

That said? Exercise a little caution anyway, as one man's gentle teaser is another's great big flaming spoiler.

Going Head to Head

Beth and Randall will find themselves on high alert when Deja receives a court-appointed invitation to visit her mother in prison. However, when Randall learns that mom Shauna refuses to see her daughter, both he and Beth are furious, and vow to keep Deja from further disappointment, hurt and rejection — even if that means keeping her from her negligent mother.

In fact, the pair are so angry that Randall visits Shauna alone, where he discovers a woman who is both everything he expected, and simultaneously not what he imagined at all.

One thing is abundantly clear though. Shauna wants her daughter back, and Randall is not on board with the idea.

THIS IS US — “The Most Disappointed Man in the World” Episode 207 — Pictured: Sterling K. Brown as Randall — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

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