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TURN 3×10 “Trial and Execution” Photos

By on June 22, 2016

Kevin McNally as Richard Woodhull | Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC

Perhaps, understandably, there aren’t a whole lot of promotional photos from TURN’s upcoming “Trial and Execution.”

Monday’s finale is so filled with key events and developments that in this case, one picture might well speak a thousand words.

Likewise, we’re oath-bound not to reveal clangers from our advance screening that would ruin your enjoyment of the finale, so we’re going to have to tread additionally carefully around this week’s TURN scoop.

AMC teases that the finale will see “an inevitable march to the gallows for the captured spies on both sides,” and if you’re guessing that this is a clue to both Andre and Abe’s fates, then you’re perfectly right.

But wait! Didn’t we last see Abe about to be hung by Simcoe for the crime of attempting to steal weapons and ignite a town-wide revolt? Yes … however the finale will see Richard stepping up as town magistrate, and demanding a trial for his son in one last against-the-odds attempt to save Abe’s life. And no, we can promise that this one will not go as you might expect.

The trial will ask the question: Who is Abraham Woodhull? The answer(s) to that question will surprise everyone!

Meanwhile, as Peggy works on a plan to appear innocent of her husband’s double dealings, Andre’s natural charm, sophistication and intellect soon wins over both Washington and Ben.

And if you were hoping to one day see Ben and Andre sit down to talk Gamble, Sackett and everything in between, then this is your episode.

It’s all happening — plus that stuff we’re not allowed to talk about — Monday June June 27 on AMC.

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TURN: WASHINGTON'S SPIES "Trial and Execution"

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Ian Kahn as General George Washington, Brian Wiles as Marquis de Lafayette, Sean Haggerty as Alexander Hamilton  - TURN: Washington's Spies _ Season 3, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC

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