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5 Best Productivity Apps

By on November 18, 2015

Smartphones have significantly improved our way of life in every way imaginable, so much so that these days practically everyone owns one.

We receive news instantly, share photos of our meals to envious onlookers, and spend mindless hours breaking tiny candy blocks in the form of puzzles. But you probably know all of this and own a smartphone. If not, welcome to the future time traveling cave person!

One of the ways smartphones have helped change our lives is by increasing productivity. No longer do we feel the need to carry around enough business cards to fill a Rolodex or a clunky day planner to keep our responsibilities in check. Simply open an app, make a little note, send it off to the cloud, and retrieve it later. Easy as pie. Hundreds of productivity apps fill the top download charts of the app store, but how do you know which are worth your time and money? We’ve rounded up our 5 favorite productivity apps that will help you get your life in order.


Wunderlist (Free/Upgrade subscriptions available)
Wunderlist is a simple, easy to use list app. Users can create as many lists as their heart desires (I have one for every day of the week plus a shopping list), and they can be synched between the phone, tablets, and computers. Not only can users create and keep track of lists they can collaborate with other users in order to delegate tasks or share in the work. There is even a really great reminder feature that can be set to alert users of deadlines or important events.


Sunrise (Free)
Sure smartphones already come with calendars, but Sunrise can combine Google Calendar with iCal and several other apps including Facebook to keep all events in one streamlined place. It’s well designed and features icons to keep events sorted. Sunrise has a feature that makes scheduling even easier, and includes Google Maps capability for directions and up to date weather. Everything all in one place!


Dropbox (Free/Upgrade subscriptions available)

If you don’t use Dropbox for web already, what are you waiting for? Dropbox backs up photos, music, video, and documents effortlessly. The mobile app is obviously catered more towards backing up precious moments from your smartphone. That time your child got cake all over their face at a birthday party or that live performance of your favorite song by your favorite band (my personal reason for using it) will be safe guarded. Not only are the files safeguarded to Dropbox, they can easily be shared with family and friends whether they have a Dropbox account or not.


Clear ($4.99)
If Wunderlist seems a bit too busy, there’s Clear. Clear is the simplest list app I’ve ever used not to mention the most beautiful and well designed. It’s as easy as creating a list, finishing a task and giving it a swipe. Clear has the ability to create many lists and synch with multiple devices. The coolest feature about Clear, other than it’s simplicity, is the ability to change themes and create your own. The color schemes are easy on the eyes and the functionality serves it’s purpose brilliantly. Clear is definitely worth the money.


Evernote (Free/Upgrade subscriptions available)
Evernote is kind of the savior of the productivity app world. It literally does so much and effectively. Users can write notes, attach files, collaborate with others, and organize pretty much their entire lives. Notes have the functionality to become checklists or giant notepads of crazy ideas. Business cards can be kept safe and friends, families, and coworkers can work together to get the job done. Ever note becomes a melting pot for web clippings, memorable photos (say photos of a magazine article in the doctor’s office), and everything you just need to remember later. And from personal experience: It’s the saving grace of lecture note taking!

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