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AGENTS OF SHIELD Sneak Peek: Coulson Launches Operation Spotlight

By on November 17, 2015

(ABC/John Fleenor) CLARK GREGG

Coulson and the gang are about to shine a spotlight into every dark corner of the ATCU in this new sneak peek clip from tonight’s SHIELD episode.

“Many Heads, One Tale” will see SHIELD coming together for a mission that will finally blow the cover on what exactly Rosalind Price (guest star Constance Zimmer) is doing with all of the Inhumans she’s collected, and how close to a ‘cure’ her shifty organization really is.

In the following sneak peek clip, as Coulson addresses the team, Daisy asks the question we’ve all been pondering recently. “Why now?”

As it happens, Coulson’s decision to raid the ATCU comes not because Price made off with Doc. Garner’s module (which she totally did, by the way) but because he’s reached a point where he’s sure she finally trusts him.

Tread carefully, Phil!

“Many Heads, One Tale” airs Tuesday November 17 on ABC.

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