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BLINDSPOT: Exclusive Scoop on the Mid-Season Premiere

By on February 26, 2016

BLINDSPOT -- Pictured: "Blindspot" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal)

Finally, Blindspot fans. Finally.

(heavy breathing)

Following a pretty audacious mid-season finale in which Jane was kidnapped, scurrilous CIA boss Carter was eliminated, Kurt and Jane kissed, Jane met her sexy former fiance in the form of Francois Arnaud’s Oscar (and learned everything she endured over the previous weeks was by her own hand), the show returns to NBC on Monday.

The episode, titled “Cease Forcing Enemy,” promises to pick up on all of those aforementioned threads as Jane struggles to resume her FBI tattoo investigations under the weight of some pretty hefty revelations.

We’ve seen the premiere a little early, thanks to our friends a NBC, and have a number of teasers to share with you.

As always, we do our best to avoid outright revelations and plot-points that might otherwise ruin your enjoyment of the episode, but we’re aware that what one person might interpret as a teaser, another might view as a reckless, thoughtless and cruelly deliberate show-ruining moment. For that reason, and because we don’t want you guys to come after us with pitchforks on social media (hey, it’s happened), we ask that you proceed with a healthy dose of caution, because honestly, who are these ScreenSpy people anyway, and can they even be trusted?

You Did This to Yourself

“You did this to yourself.” Those words have been haunting Blindspot fans ever since the closing moments of the Fall finale, in which Jane discovered she tattooed herself, erased her own memory and positioned herself on a crash course into Agent Kurt Weller’s life, according to the details of a video self-confessional.

It was quite the cliffhanger, and fans have spent the hiatus clamoring for more details on this audacious reveal. Monday’s mid-season premiere will provide them. Not information-dump style, but little by little over the course of the episode, and what we learn will not only put Jane, but the show itself, on a very different course.

But first — a flashback scene to Jane’s full body tattoo procedure.

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