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CASTLE is Back in the Classroom in “And Justice for All’

By on March 1, 2016


By Geannie Bastian

This week, Castle and Beckett were back to the undercover breakup, and Castle was undercover on a case. Because anything beats dealing with his writer’s block — even if it means going back to a classroom after last week’s super creepy escapades in a fake Kindergarten.

In this case, Castle was playing the role of a student in an English as a second language classroom after one of the students appeared to have been killed by a classmate. Castle used his linguistics skills to figure out which of the students sent the victim a threatening text, and did a pretty funny turn as a French-Canadian student in the process. It made for a great opportunity to use Castle’s skills as a writer in the show and Nathan Fillion’s comedic skills at the same time.

Of course, it turned out the case itself wasn’t that simple – the culprit here was actually the teacher, who was taking kickbacks for funneling students with minor infractions and complex histories to a judge who was seeing dollar signs by sending the students to for-profit prisons. Along with this nasty business, something else was complicating Castle’s life this week – his participation in the class triggered memories of his missing time. In … Hollywood. Maybe.

Scene Stealing for All

The best part of this week’s case was that it gave a lot of characters some fantastic scene stealing moments. It seemed like everyone had a chance to get into the act along with our leads, from the ESL students, to Hayley, to Perlmutter. It was like a hits reel of great moments that revolved around the case. Top picks:

Castle opened the episode with the writer’s worst nightmare – attack of the mocking blinking cursor. He shouts at it to just stop with the blinking already. Most relatable moment. Beckett’s a little worried about his mental state after that, but we get it, Castle.

Also in the fun fact of life category, Perlmutter has an identical twin brother. One whom he would like to set up with Beckett for a little love match now that she has apparently “come to her senses” about Castle. So very awkward. Maybe almost as awkward as Castle found Beckett wanting to smooch within the site line of a dead body after the matchmaking medical examiner left. Almost.

Hayley also got a hilarious moment when she was brought in to translate for that student who sent a threatening text. Turns out he speaks a rather, shall we say, unique version of English.

Fantastic scene stealing was had by many a guest star when Castle enlisted their help to get a moment alone with the unscrupulous judge without the looming influence of the FBI who also wanted a piece of him – at the expense of the murder investigation. It was just classically Castle, and great fun.

But it was the last two great moments, one from Beckett and one from Martha that gave a serious and heartwarming edge to the story. The FBI agent wanted to have Castle’s classmates deported for their stunt, but Beckett was having none of it. They were just trying to find justice for their friend, and they’ve been taken advantage of by people in power enough as it is, she informed him. Martha capped the storyline with a touching reminder that immigrants are an essential part of the American story. Tell it like it is, Martha.

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