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CASTLE Spring Premiere Sneak Peeks: Cold at Work, Hot in Bed

By on February 8, 2016


Following a long hiatus, Castle is making a welcome return to our screens with three new episodes.

The first, “Tone Death” officially ends the dry spell tonight, to be followed by “Witness for the Prosecution” and “Dead Red” on Sunday Feb. 14 and Monday Feb. 15 respectively.

Our first episode of the new year will find our favorite investigative duo where we left them last – publicly spatting, while privately back together.

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However, while Rick and Kate assume this new modus operandi is the best way to keep Castle safe while the threat of Lockstat remains, they soon discover that ‘cold at work while hot between the sheets’ is more difficult to pull off than they initially thought.

We’ve got two new sneak peek clips from the Spring Premiere to share below.

The “Tone Death” episode of Castle airs Monday February 8 on ABC.


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