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CASTLE’S Witness for the Prosecution Is Delightfully “Out of Order” on Special Sunday Airing

By on February 15, 2016

(ABC/Scott Everett White) NATHAN FILLION

By Geannie Bastian

Castle’s special Sunday airing delivered something new besides just the night of the week it aired on.

Castle goes to court – it seems the week before the season begain, he witnessed a murder at a charity event. Because if you’re a murder solving mystery writer, killers just can’t help themselves, naturally. Bet Captain Gates loved that on her last week before promotion.

Trouble is, when Castle goes to testify, the public defender has been replaced by LokStat henchman Caleb Brown. Brown totally nukes Castle on cross examination using his own writing, and examples from past cases including last year’s episode, “I, Witness,” and the 3XK frame up from season five’s Probable Cause. Totally masterful case of using the show’s history in the current plot.

Initially, the team sets out trying to find a way to prove that their suspect is guilty, so that the prosecutor has new evidence to counter the damage done by testimony. But it doesn’t take long for Castle to wonder — what if he was wrong?

So, they set out to prove Nina’s innocence instead. Twisty.

Characters in This Episode Are Closer Than They Appear

This was the audiences second dose of Castle and Beckett’s “fake up” – although save for a couple of references to their separation, and one skipped kiss, you would probably have been hard-pressed to know it if you were a new viewer. Sure, Captain Beckett got a good lecture into her husband when Castle decided the best way to get information was to deceive the judge and get himself thrown in jail so he could question the suspect, but then, let’s be honest, she would have done that anyway.

Still, it’s good that happened, because the public moment of frustration may have offset all the little moments of concern and support that filtered through in the course of the episode. Not just the private moments of prep and celebration that bookended the episode, but ones like Beckett’s anguished “Help him!” to the prosecutor as Castle takes hits on the stand, or the smattering of cozy moments in the Captain’s office. But, hey, the show never goes wrong delivering a little love, especially on Valentine’s Day.

One thing that definitely helped their “we are never, ever, ever admitting we’re still together!” case a little bit, and gave the audience so subtly delivered but needed information, was the fact that use of their separation is certainly spreading beyond the office: Marcus, the prosecutor, clearly was aware of the situation, and Beckett took the opportunity to enlighten Brown, which meant that she basically just informed the bad guys directly. Since he’s not on hand to witness all the coziness, that’s likely to go a good way toward achieving their objective.

Speaking of Brown, pretty much everyone, except for Beckett and Vikram, thinks he’s an all around standup guy, because he’s a public defender who fights for his clients. Beckett, though, thinks his do-gooder side can be used to their advantage. Also of interest to this fan? The money used as a clue in this case was CIA funds. So, was Brown out to save his client, or aid his boss? Given LokStat is CIA connected, it seems like a valid question.


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