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Danny is the Victim of a Creepy Prank in Twisted’s “Docu-Trauma”

By on July 10, 2013

Denise Richards as Karen and Avan Jogia as Danny. (ABC FAMILY/Andrew Eccles)

Danny is the butt of a creepy prank in Twisted’s July 30th episode “Docu-Trama.”

New details from the Network tease that Danny will find himself ‘besieged by a group of masked pranksters,’ the effects of which serve to make him feel even more isolated and alone as the town of Green Cove continues to vilify him.

Meanwhile, according to the report, Tyler asks to interview Danny for his new documentary about the town’s reaction to Danny’s return. In an effort to fit in, Danny decides to throw a party with Tyler’s help, in exchange for the interview, but things do not go smoothly.

Meanwhile, Jo goes on a date with Tyler, while Rico struggles with his feelings for his best friend.

Kyle steps up the pressure on Karen to causing her to make a stunning revelation.

Catch Twisted’s “Docu-Trauma” Tuesday July 30th, 9:00 pm ET/PT on ABC Family.

Twisted is a one-hour mystery full of twists and turns that is centered on a charismatic 16-year-old with a troubled past (Avan Jogia) who has recently reconnected with his two female best friends from childhood (Maddie Hasson and Kylie Bunbury). He becomes the prime suspect when a fellow student is found dead in her home. The series also stars Kimberly Quinn, Sam Robards, Ashton Moio and Denise Richards.

One Comment

  1. Abbey

    July 12, 2013 at 2:24 am

    I am stuck between wanting to see how a cemetery party planned by a bunch of 16 year olds goes and being afraid to see this prank. I don’t view Danny as an “innocent” character, but no one should be harassed. This aspect of the show is hardest for me to watch. I get way too uncomfortable/upset by it.

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