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5 Reasons We Can’t Wait for the Return of Falling Skies

By on April 9, 2012

Falling Skies Cast © TNT & Time Warner Inc.

By Jamie Krakover

Falling Skies, TNT’s breakout sci-fi hit from last summer, is returning in Summer 2012. There are lots of exciting developments to look forward to, and if season one is any indication of what’s in store then viewers are in for a great ride!

Tom Mason

At the end of season one, Falling Skies dropped a bomb on us. Tom Mason agreed to meet with the aliens. The last we saw, he was disappearing into one of their ships. From the promos we know he returns to the Second Mass, but he appears to have no idea what the aliens did to him. This is sure to be one tangled web to unweave, and it will be interesting to see how his encounter with the aliens affects him.

Skitters and Mechs and Harnesses, Oh My!

Are the skitters just harnessed servants like the kids? Are harnessed kids going to turn into skitters? What are the aliens doing with the harnessed kids? How do the two legged mechs and skinny tall aliens fit into all this? So many questions, so few answers. Hopefully we will get some answers in season two, as well as some new questions to ponder.

Pope (Colin Cunningham)

We can’t get enough of Pope, and can’t wait to see what he will do next. He’s working only for himself, which makes him one of the most interesting characters on the show. Sure, he’s joined the Second Mass, but he’s also proven he will take off at the drop of a hat if he doesn’t like something. This also means he has the most potential for pulling the biggest surprises. Wherever Pope is, there are sure to be some interesting twists and turns.

New additions: Terry O’Quinn and Ryan Robbins

Nearly everything Terry O’Quinn touches is gold, and even though Falling Skies was fantastic in season one, O’Quinn is sure to bring an interesting element to the show with his new character. As for Ryan Robbins, he’s no stranger to good science fiction. Fans know him best for his role as Henry the werewolf on SyFy’s Sanctuary. If his character is anything like that on Sanctuary (and even if it isn’t) Robbins will be a welcome addition to Falling Skies.

The First Three Minutes

And if for no other reason, we simply can’t wait for Falling Skies to return because they teased us with the first three minutes of the second season pilot. Spoilers ahead!

Taking place three months after the events of season one, the pilot  of season two has the Second Mass switching to the offensive and starting to kick some serious mech and skitter behind! We’ve got Pope, Hal Mason, Ben Mason and some of the other Second Mass favorites taking out the enemy. And oh my, Ben Mason! What has happened to this poor kid? The after effects of being harnessed must have created a serious lust for vengeance. But honestly, can you blame him? Judging from the first three minutes, it’s clear season two has upped the ante!

With so many questions, it’s a shame we have to wait until June for some answers. But one thing is for sure, viewers are in for some great sci-fi TV this summer! What are you most looking forward to in season two of Falling Skies?

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