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6 Things to Know About Grimm’s “Bad Luck”

By on March 19, 2015

Pictured: David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Following a short but significant hiatus Grimm is finally back this Friday.

“Bad Luck” will see Nick coming to terms with Juliette’s secret, while dealing with a deadly new killer targeting Wesen as part of an illicit fertility ritual.

Meanwhile, newlyweds Rosalie and Monroe go undercover, posing as a couple in need of some special assistance, and Adalind attempts to get Renard on her side.

We’ve seen the episode a little earlier than most, thanks to our friends at NBC, and have 6 teasers to share with you below. (We consider these to be mildly spoilery, but as always, we suggest exercising caution if you prefer to maintain a blank slate on what’s around the corner.)

Without further ado, here then are 6 things to know about Grimm’s “Bad Luck.” 

The Blame Game

The opening scene picks up right where we left things pre-hiatus, with Juliette revealing her Hexenbiest form to Nick.

If you’re expecting Nick to be ok with Juliette’s transformation, think again.

Despite his acknowledgement that Juliette stuck by him when he revealed his Grimm nature to her, her revelation will come as a complete shock to him.

Matters are complicated by a dollop of guilt on Nick’s part, and the discovery that Juliette trusted Renard with her secret first.

Catch the opening scene in our exclusive sneak peek clip below.

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