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Anthropologists Weren’t The Only Ones With Skeletons In Their Closet on BONES This Week

By on November 6, 2015

L-R: Guest star Jay Thomas, Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz. Co. Cr: Kevin Estrada/FOX

By Olga Kijāna

This week’s Bones episode was filled with behind-the-scenes intrigue on Capitol Hill as Booth and Brennan investigated the murder of the U.S. Senator Rick O’Malley.

Meanwhile, Booth surprised Brennan by wondering if she would agree to an addition to the family – a flat screen television – in their bedroom.

Meanwhile, Aubrey’s relationship status looked like it might finally change.

Was O’Malley’s concern for his constituents in the coal mining industry his downfall? Did Brennan allow herself to be talked into sharing Booth with a television? And were Aubrey and Warren really ready to take their relationship to the next level?

Catch our recap of last night’s key events.

The Importance Of Being Earnest

Recently elected, and also recently deceased, Senator O’Malley had a distinct passion for his constituents and fought hard for a group of coal miners not to lose their jobs. Three suspects came up in the investigation into his murder – O’Malley’s widow, who seemingly had an alibi, his long-lost daughter, who recently reconnected with him and asked him to help her with college tuition, and the Senior Majority Whip. The daughter was eventually ruled out as a suspect, however, Aubrey did note the name of the restaurant where she worked since it served pigeon – perfect idea for his first date with Warren!

As Brennan went undercover as… well, herself, during their visit to the Capitol Hill, and grilled the Whip with some very direct questions about her working relationship with O’Malley, it was revealed that she tried to persuade the Senator to vote against his conscience on the new ceiling tax bill, which would result in lost jobs in the coal industry. Anything to protect the interests of the party! At the same time, O’Malley’s widow was to succeed her husband as Senator after his death, which led the team to conclude that it was one of the two women who did the deed.

Finally, the examination of the bones showed that the murder weapon was Virginia, or rather the map of the state made of petrified coal. The object turned out to be very ‘handy’ for tracking down the killer since the only one in the Senator’s house with a blue-colored wound on his palm was his Chief of Staff Eric Morales (Guest star Nicholas Gonzalez) Who also happened to be Mrs O’Malley’s lover!

Eric decided to do away with the Senator so he would not vote against the party’s tax bill. Additionally, in Morales’ perfect world, Mrs O’Malley would become the next Senator and live with her lover happily ever after. Silly Morales – not on Booth and Brennan’s watch.

What’s Life Without A Little Risk?

Change was in the air this week as Aubrey finally landed himself a romantic interest. Warren and Aubrey started out as Battlestar Galactica viewing buddies, with Warren struggling with the idea of whether they could become something more. Being her pragmatic self, Brennan argued that decisions with a statistically unfavorable outcome should be avoided. However, Angela reminded them that best things happen against the odds – and that the most important part is being clear with the other person about what you want.

As part of the investigation, Caroline got Aubrey to do a background check on Warren, which resulted in a very personal discussion about their past – Warren’s fight with drugs and Aubrey’s with a convict father – and a conclusion that we should not let our past should define us. We certainly hope that Aubrey’s idea for Warren to sample pigeon won’t make it their first and last date.

Who were you rooting for during Booth and Brennan argument about the presence of TV in the bedroom? Brennan was very direct that a TV in the room would lead to less sex between the two of them – which, by the way, is very important for intellectual activity according to science! As a counter-argument, Booth assured her he would find being able to watch his game very stimulating. Inspired by Angela’s advice to try to make something work against the odds, Brennan surprised Booth with a new TV – with a twist. Apparently, the TV is leased and would be returned if the intimacy level falls below the threshold she would set herself…

Leave it to Brennan to be pragmatic about getting a TV and taking charge of the situation. What we did not expect, however, was Brennan fighting Booth for a remote that same night in order to watch a documentary – perhaps it is Booth who will be in a much bigger hurry to sever the lease?

Bones continues Thursdays on FOX.

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