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HAVEN: 5 Things to Know About “Perditus”

By on November 4, 2015

Pictured: (l-r) Emily Rose as Audrey Parker, Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos, Adam Copeland as Dwight Hendrickson, Eric Balfour as Duke Crocker -- (Photo by: Steven Wilkie/Syfy)

Friday’s Haven episode really is about things lost — and found — as Audrey, Nathan and Dwight struggle to understand how the town can be saved in the aftermath of last week’s violent and surprising death.

Titled “Perditus” (from the Latin word meaning destroyed, ruined, wasted or squandered in addition to lost), this episode will see the town’s heroes tracking down Charlotte’s killer while they attempt to figure out a way to build a barn using the Aether core without her.

Meanwhile Duke, still searching for answers in North Carolina, finds results where he least expects them, and revelations that cause him deep unease.

We’ve seen the episode a little earlier than most, thanks to our friends at Syfy, and have 5 teasers to share with you. If you’re familiar with these types of articles from ScreenSpy, then you’ll know we set out not to outright spoil you with plot points that would otherwise ruin your enjoyment of the episode. For that reason, we consider our collection to be teasers rather than spoilers.

However, as always, we urge you to take precaution as is often the case, one’s man’s teaser is another man’s spoiler.

Here then are 5 things to know about Haven’s “Preditus” episode.

Is Charlotte Really Dead?

The answer is yes, and because this is Haven, also no. Sorta.

When the episode kicks off, Charlotte is absolutely dead, having received 15 puncture wounds to her abdomen courtesy of Croatoan.

Her murder prompts Dwight to abandon Charlotte’s plan to build a barn using the Aether core in favor of putting Croatoan down, for good.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Audrey is completely on board with the plan, despite Nathan’s urging for both to reconsider.

You’re going down, Croatoan!

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